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5 Most Important Reasons For Website Monitoring

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Website monitoring

Your website needs to be able to sell clients, attract new ones, inform visitors, and act as a resource generally – in addition to functioning as a digital storefront. That’s a lot of hats to wear. The tactics that work best in terms of site maintenance and making an impact in today’s ecommerce marketplace are best determined through effective monitoring protocols. With that thought in mind, here are five reasons why website monitoring is of paramount importance.

1. You want to be alerted immediately when sites go offline

The faster you can respond when a site goes offline, the less impact the resulting fallout will have. If your site crashes at a period of statistically low traffic, you may not even lose anything but the time involved in bringing things back online. Such a scenario is more ideal than realistic, though.

Sometimes traffic itself is the catalyst causing the crash, and to not have a response capability in such an instance could seriously damage the reputation of your business with the public who came to you in such numbers.

With site monitoring solutions, you will be notified immediately when your site is down. Additionally, there are metrics you can monitor to help give you an idea if operations are getting stressed. Sometimes in such instances, there are actions you can take to lessen the hosting load. these actions can counteract an unexpected spike beyond previous load capacity estimates.

2. Continuous monitoring provides metrics on site stability

If you’ve got a site that’s been monitored for ten years, then you can aggregate that data and predict trends based on activity. This can be done with a level of accuracy that has a very small margin of error. No, the future can’t be predicted; if it could, no stock market crash would backhand the economy as it does.

But you can make reasonably accurate predictions from carefully considered trends. Even if you monitor continuously and your site never experiences any difficulty or emergency, you can still gather data which helps you see where you are succeeding and where you could do better, and where you do worse. Advertising campaigns can be identified as successful or unsuccessful. There are many applications to consider.

3. Site Monitoring Facilitates Swifter, Better Disaster Response

BDR refers to backup and data recovery. It’s not just about putting data back together, though; there is often a sequence of systems which must be appropriately brought online. Some are more necessary than others, and in an emergency, you need to know what essential steps to take so your site returns as swiftly as it’s possible to.

Pingdom uptime monitoring is an essential component in any disaster response package. Without such protocols in place, stopping things that are preventable, and recovering from things that aren’t, will be much more difficult.

Disaster response

4. Determining Accurate Site Speed Is Best Done Via Monitoring

Site speed needs to be looked at in aggregate as well as in microcosm. You need to look at both the larger and smaller picture. ‘Zooming out’ is what happens through monitoring. As with stability metrics, monitoring can give you metrics pertaining to site speed. You can check to see how it performs when gluts of traffic develop, and more

5. Monitoring Solutions Are Mostly Autonomous, Set-Up Is Simple

If the sum of all these things was less than the cost involved to implement them, perhaps they wouldn’t be worth considering. In reality, many pertinent metrics of site operation have been identified for a long time now, and present considerable value for the relatively small cost. Monitoring solutions acquired through software are simple to set-up, effective, and primarily autonomous.

As the internet continues to develop, so also do such monitoring solutions. Now, cloud monitoring paradigms for applications are becoming increasingly common, and this trend is likely to parallel web development elsewhere going forward. Not only are existing monitoring solutions cost-effective and simple, if you want to have a chance in tomorrow’s market, you’ll want to have them in place preemptively.

Monitoring Solutions

Know The State Of Your Website

The website you use as a landing place for clientele in a way acts like a representative for your business. If a man in tattered clothing, shaggy hair, and struggling transportation approached you, would you find him professional?

When your website isn’t monitored, it breaks down just like people and things do when left alone with no action taken toward improvement. If you don’t keep your site up-to-date and monitor it appropriately, you’ll make a bad impression.

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