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Nice to meet you.

I’m Patrick Foster (formerly Taylor) and I’m passionate about helping people make their online businesses work. I have been in the web business for over a decade, mainly helping people set up and run successful ecommerce businesses. Ecommerce has changed an awful lot in those years, but I’m excited about all the new technology that’s available to online sellers who are joining the industry now.

From mums looking to make some money from selling jewellery at home, to guys selling furniture from a huge warehouse, I have worked across range of ecommerce businesses. I’ve been lucky enough to work in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US and have done a lot of ecommerce training and one-to-one coaching with young entrepreneurs.

What I have learned about ecommerce:

  • No business is the same, so neither are my strategies. I come prepared with an open mind and let you lead me to where I need to be.
  • Ecommerce is hard and you need to have a good team around you.
  • Good ecommerce means good SEO. You have to invest in promoting your store. Don’t expect an expensive web build to get you anywhere.
  • Too many people are afraid to take the plunge and go for it. Don’t be one of those people!

Drop me a line at [email protected].