12 Tips to Earn the “Amazon’s Choice” Badge (2023)

If you want to be a successful Amazon seller, you need to understand how Amazon Choice works.

Amazon’s Choice Badge shows the product that best matches the Keyword the customer has searched for.

Here’s how to earn the Amazon’s Choice Logo.

How to Get Amazon’s Choice Badge?

1. Optimize Listings to Target Keywords

Amazon’s Choice is Keyword driven. Therefore, finding the right Keyword for your product is critical to earning Amazon’s choice badge.

There are various tools and guides available to help you with keyword optimization.

Your product may be searched with multiple keywords, such as hair clipper and hair cutter, which both refer to the same product. Still, it will show different Amazon’s Choice products.

How to Do It

  1. Use the keyword research tool to have 3-4 priority keywords with high search volume, preferably long-tail ones.
  2. Include your brand name. Having the brand name first instills in people’s minds that you are an essential brand.
  3. Include something of added value, such as a product benefit or a differentiator that distinguishes you from your competitor.

2. Run an Effective PPC Campaign

If you can’t reach the top organically, you can buy it through an effective PPC Campaign.

Identify the keywords through the steps provided above, identify your target customers and make necessary changes to your bidding, listings, and keyword targets to ensure maximum performance.

PPC is an expensive tool, but it does help you become Amazon’s Choice for your desired Keyword. 

How to Do It

  1. Start with a broad campaign by identifying short-tailed keywords. Then select some keywords that have generated sales, and put them into a campaign with a phrase match type. Once that phrase campaign runs for a while, pick out the most potent results and set them up with an exact match type.
  2. First, add high search volume or high bid keywords. It’s best to go from a low bid and gradually increase it to a point where it synergizes with your budget well.
  3. Run Auto Campaigns. The main advantage of an auto campaign is that it gets smarter with time. The longer the campaign runs, the more it adjusts toward successful keywords. 

3. Offer Excellent Customer Support

To get Amazon’s choice banner, customer satisfaction is the top priority. A high customer rating is a sign of authenticity and reflects its value as a solution to a problem.

While your product might not be a best-seller in its category, gathering favorable reviews with high ratings increases the likelihood of being recommended as an Amazon’s Choice item.

How to Do It

  1. Reply to your customer queries within 24 hours. Any time more than that impacts your customer support services.
  2. When you get a negative comment, communicate with your clients to reduce the impact of their negative experience and follow up with others to provide you with positive feedback.
  3. Master the Amazon Messaging service. It helps build a good relationship with customers and improve conversion rates.

4. Use the Amazon FBA Fulfillment

Another way to get Amazon’s choice logo, use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service to handle the order fulfillment. It is quick and dependable shipping. Consumers today value a smooth delivery experience almost as much as the products themselves.

It is also the most reliable way to ensure a smooth fulfillment process. Another big reason to use FBA is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers members plenty of benefits. The most notable being free, two-day, or one-day shipping on eligible items.

How to Do It

  1. What’s important here is that you sell fast products, so you don’t end up with slow-moving products.
  2. Once you sign up for FBA, you can store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. However, your job is to keep an eye on your reserved stock and replenish it to avoid a stockout.
  3. Selling small, pricey products is best so you don’t round up skyrocketing FBA fees.

5. Encourage Positive Reviews and Ratings

Encourage your customers to provide you with reviews and ratings about the product. These reviews will help Amazon decide which product to vouch for.

Amazon doesn’t want to give Amazon’s Choice banner to a product with negative or no reviews. If you have received negative reviews, attend to them and respond to them to identify their problems and resolve them.

How to Do It

  1. There is no free lunch in this world. You will have to ask the customer for feedback. The customer may feel more inclined to leave a review by making the email more personalized and engaging.
  2. Use the Amazon Request a Review feature to get a review. When you hit the Request a Review button, Amazon will send a product review request to the customer.
  3. Always try to maintain a rating of 4 and above. It’s difficult for Amazon to provide its Choice badge to a product customers don’t rave about.

6. Ensure Your Products Are Prime-Eligible

Amazon’s Choice Badge aims to make the buying process easier. Consumers who buy products with the badge expect them to have all the top features, including Prime eligibility.

If you’re already selling on FBA, you automatically have eligibility for Amazon Prime. You can instantly take advantage of the fast shipping and same-day delivery services.

How to Do It

  1. You can get an Amazon Prime membership by joining Amazon FBA, a highly automated and robust fulfillment network.
  2. Get the Seller Fulfilled Prime Membership to be eligible for Amazon Prime. It has some stringent standards and performance metrics that must be met consistently to stay in the program.
  3. The vendor central program is another way to be eligible for Amazon Prim. However, this program is only suitable if you are a wholesaler.

7. Maintain Competitive Pricing

With Amazon obsessing over having the lowest online prices, price is a significant factor in how Amazon’s Choice is determined.

If you hover your cursor over the badge, it says “well-priced products.” To get Amazon’s choice badge, work with your internal teams and sellers to ensure that your margin allows you to maintain competitive pricing.

How to Do It

  1. To help with competitive pricing, repricing tools like Xsellco, RepricerExpress, and RepriceIt can automatically undercut competitors on duplicate listings.
  2. Calculate the minimum and maximum sales prices of your product.
  3. Small reductions in price can significantly increase conversion rates and daily sales.

8. Conduct Regular Quality Control

Quality control is vital to be on Amazon’s Choice list. This step is necessary to ensure that Amazon’s choice items are pre-inspected before shipment.

Once the products are paid in full and shipped, you are beyond the point of no return. If you have to find quality problems once the goods arrive, there is time.

How to Do It

  1. Your label must have a white background, be readable, and contain accurate product information. It should also be easily scannable and have a unique barcode.
  2. Your packaging must be suitable to prevent breakage and leakage. The package may be handled roughly, so carton drop tests are essential.
  3. The outer cartons mustn’t have mixed SKUs. You also need to have the same quantity of products per carton.

9. Avoid Out-of-Stock Products

Managing inventory levels can make or break your brand’s reputation. Customers are much more likely to buy a competing product if their original choice is shown to be out of stock.

Staying on top of how much inventory you have and ensuring you have enough stock to fulfill customers’ orders avoids out-of-stock situations, so you keep customers.

How to Do It

  1. Track your sales to know the ideal inventory level. You can reorder your inventory level to meet the demand if you monitor your sales daily.
  2. Use inventory management tools to avoid losing sales.
  3. Have a good relationship with your supplier and plan your inventory with supplier lead days in mind.

10. Embrace the Negative Reviews

If your listings have negative reviews, spend time responding to reviews and adjusting the source of the problem.

Frequently, negative reviews are the result of missed expectations. A simple fix is to revise your listing’s copy so it sets accurate expectations.

How to Do It

  1. Never ever try to contact your customer to remove his negative comment. For Amazon, the authenticity of customer reviews is of prime importance. Violations may lead to your seller account shutting down, frozen funds, and in some instances, legal action against you and any third party acting on your behalf.
  2. You should reply to a customer review publicly. It will help reduce damage to the product’s reputation. Always provide your perspective on an issue in the study.
  3. You can also try to delete the negative review by Amazon. This is the most favorable solution for sellers.

11. Continuously Improve the Return Rate

If customers frequently return your products, it’s a major red flag. A low return rate is critical to qualify for Amazon’s Choice Badge. It is vital to ensure that the titles, product variations, descriptions, and photos accurately reflect the products you’re selling.

That way, the return rates will improve, and customers will be more satisfied with your service. They may even be more inclined to purchase your products again.

How to Do It

  1. Making sure your customers have a 360-degree view of the product is the best way to minimize returns. Take advantage of critical visual information so customers know exactly what they’re buying.
  2. A detailed description of the product is key to reducing returns on Amazon since it limits the number of misinformed purchases.
  3. A product video can help customers understand the product better and help them make an informed choice when purchasing.

12. Add In-Depth Product Information

Ask yourself what you need to know before buying your product, and be sure you’re showcasing that information on Amazon.

Amazon gives you plenty of space to write about your product in the title, bullet points, description, images, and more. Amazon’s choice items are the one that shows complete product information.

How to Do It

  1. You can write up to 200 letters in the title. Use this space to include detailed information about your product without keyword stuffing.
  2. Videos help sell products and allow customers to get all the information they need engagingly.
  3. Carry out proper competitor research to identify what you should focus on with your listing. 

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