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Patrick Foster, ecommerce coach & entrepreneur.

How to Adapt Your E-commerce Business Better than the Competition

When it comes to sustainability and growth in the e-commerce market, you can never stop trying to improve and come up with new and exciting ways to not only engage with your customers and reach new ones, but also to cut the curb as efficiently as possible in order to stay ahead of the game.

But success and uniqueness doesn’t come easy, or necessarily cheap, and if you really want to get ahead in the e-commerce game, there are several key guiding points you will have to follow and implement.

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SEO for Ecommerce: Do SEO and Ethics Mix?

Lots of myths and misconceptions circulate about SEO. People are afraid of attracting search engine penalties to their websites or ecommerce stores, and many people simply can’t tell good SEO from bad. It’s about time people started being more clued up about SEO, and that we embedded SEO within a wider context of online ethics. Here’s what you need to know about the 50 shades of SEO…

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Transition from Awesome Pop Up to Awesome Online Store

How do you take that famous pop up energy and infuse it into an online store? First of all, keep your store as people-focused as possible, and don’t get jaded by the industry. Remember to really thank customers, have close relationships with your suppliers, and connect with your passion frequently. Don’t lose that unique pop up vibe and always keep things quirky & interesting. Here is how you can go from pop up pro to ecommerce maverick. (Ecommerce newbies should take note – these strategies will help you store stand out in a sea of gray).

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