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Best 10 Fashion Shopify Themes to Push Your Online Store Forward

Who says that creating an online store can mean wading through endless search results without knowing where to start? That won’t do the trick. Instead, the list of 10 best fashion Shopify themes below can save you the trouble and costly mistakes. Owing to the rising popularity of ecommerce, fashion Shopify themes can help you set up an online store simpler than ever. So, if you got inspiration and passion, go for it. Don’t fret, the collection of eye-catching designs below has a lot to offer.

Multifly – Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

Once you decided to start your adventure with eCommerce, you’ve won a jackpot. Multifly is a multipurpose Shopify theme jam-packed with 7 unique skins out of the gate. Let your visitors see great design paired with awesome products and easy-to-read fonts. Attract them with your fully responsive and lightweight online store that stands out. It supports multiple currencies and languages, Instagram Feed and Lookbook section. Make the shopping experience on your online store remarkable. Get creative with Shopify Visual Builder to create unique designs without stress. Step up to the plate with Multifly.

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Muse – Jewellery Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme

Don’t let your competitors step on your toes. You can’t lock the doors of Walmart or unplug Amazon, yet, you can attract customers into your store. The time is now. No matter what products or services you want to sell, Muse has a lot you to offer. Get a luxurious eCommerce website without stress. Equipped with Parallax, it allows promoting to catch every visitor’s eye from the first sight. Besides, it includes working Ajax Cart, Product Lists and Tags, Product Countdown and Lookbook section. Keep your visitors interested in your products for longer.

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Grand Shop – Fashion Shopify Theme

Got a bestseller to advertise? Make a compelling website that promises benefits to your visitors. Grand Shop is a nice specimen of the best fashion Shopify themes up to date, in fact. Optimized for high-speed performance, Grand Shop delivers a smooth online shopping experience. Explore developing opportunities Grand Shop offers to you. Create extra layouts, promote special offers, make every page of your e-store worth the visit. Sure, its clean and responsive design will attract more visitors to your fashion e-store big times. It’s never been this easy to share up-to-the-minute info with your audience through social media.

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Pencil – Fashion Online Shop Shopify Theme

Looking for something modern and special? Then Pencil is a big win. Clean, responsive and creative, Pencil fits online stores selling different products & services. Jam-packed with 5 unique demos, it eases your developing pain and streamlines your work. Thanks to Megamenu it’s easy to build a flexible menu system that looks eye-catching to your visitors. Moreover, you can easily customize Pencil up to your needs even with a skill gap. Thus, create, edit and delete sections to make your online store look awesome and personalized. At last, go ahead and use social media to your advantage.

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Glassesco – Goggles Online Shop Shopify Theme

Meet Glassesco. Its clean and responsive layout can help showcase more of your products in an eye-catching manner. As a result, it increases the chances of making a purchase. Designed to match the needs of e-stores selling eyewear products, Glassesco is a true bounty. Afraid of less coding skills? Don’t fret, tons of eCommerce options will come to your aid. The best thing is that you don’t even have to learn how to code. Make the best use of Mega Menu, promote your products with awesome sliders, increase your audience base with Newsletter Popup, and much more.

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Preggo – Maternity Store Shopify Theme

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach thousands of online customers. Try your hand at Preggo to launch an effective online store out of the gate. This awesome specimen of the best fashion Shopify themes can best represent the value of your brand. Indeed, crafted with care, Preggo can increase your chances of making sales. Built on Bootstrap 4 framework, its clean and responsive layout looks correctly, whatever device. Besides, its SEO-friendly code can help index your online store higher in the organic search engine results. As a result, it allows you to put a lot of cash in your pockets.

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Coxes – Underwear Online Store Shopify Theme

Find it challenging to encourage consumers to purchase from you? The key to achieving that is to give them what they need when they need. Give this attractive specimen of the best fashion Shopify themes a shot. Clean, nice and responsive design fits modern online stores selling clothes, apparel and accessories. Use its drag & drop page builder to your advantage to create extra layouts and unique designs in a snap. No coding skills, just your creativity. Thus, you can launch your outstanding online store extremely faster and easier. At last, optimize your e-store to perform at top speeds.

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Charming – Fashion eCommerce Business Shopify Theme

Want to launch an eye-catching fashion online store without stress? Take a peek at Charming. This amazingly stunning specimen of the best fashion Shopify themes is worth your attention. Choose from 2 unique homepage layouts to find the right one for your fashion e-store. The best thing is that even with a skill gap, it’s easy to create unique designs, customize and make changes in Charming. Indeed, its responsive layout looks awesomely across different screen resolutions big times. Poke around its advanced features. Sure thing, Charming has a lot to offer out of the gate.

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Ezone – Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

Face it, clean and eye-catching design of Ezone catches your eye. Give this multipurpose Shopify theme a shot right away. Besides, as a feature-rich solution, Ezone offers several pre-build homepage styles, 10 unique header designs, and 6 beautiful Newsletter layouts. Display your excellent products & services with unique sliders that catch every user’s eye. In case you have a skill gap, a well-documented code will come to your aid. Go one step further to repeat business.

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Swimwear Hut – Swimwear Online Store Shopify Theme

If you’re thinking about launching a swimwear e-store, the time is now. Swimwear Hut may be your safe bet right off the bat. Thus, it’s easy to install, edit and customize this amazing specimen of the best fashion Shopify themes. Optimized for high-speed performance, Swimwear Hut delivers a smooth shopping experience on any screen resolution. Thanks to its drag’n’drop interface it’s easy to create a unique and beautiful design of your e-store without a hitch. So, are you ready to increase your chances of making sales?

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Wrapping Up About The Best Fashion Shopify Themes

That’s it. If you decided to push your fashion online store forward, these fashion Shopify themes can do the trick. Take time to learn each of them before sticking to one winning design. One thing to do is to dig up some confidence and make the right pick. At the end of the day, you can maximize your sales potential and attract repeat business. Ponder carefully before choosing.

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7 Strategies to Improve Your Ecommerce UX

Starting an online store is a lot more than just creating a site that sells things. Just like a brick and mortar shop, there are many functional and aesthetic considerations that make purchasing an attractive idea.

When creating your ecommerce storefront, it is important to think about how your ideal customers will be interacting with it. Enter UX (or user experience, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). As the name suggests, it is all about thinking of the user’s experience of your site.

So, let’s just get into it. These are the top UX tips for improving your eCommerce store.

Make Your Product Easy to Find and Easy to Buy

The number one rule of selling things—make purchasing easy.

From searching for a particular product to perusing a category, removing obstacles from the process is key to driving users to conversion.


For shoppers that know exactly what they want, a robust site search function is a must. While a lot of eCommerce platforms come with this functionality built-in, you want to make sure that it doesn’t get hung up on little syntactical variations and misspellings.

Find a great site search plugin or have a great development company customize a solution. It will be worth the investment. Visitors can then easily find exactly what they want and buy it.


The navigation menu is one of the first things that a user looks at to get acquainted with a website. When someone knows generally what they want, they can shop around by category to narrow their search to the specific.

Clear navigation menus can deliver users from the homepage to exactly where they need to be in the least number of clicks possible. Fewer clicks mean less frustration and more sales. Include the most important things in the navigation menu for easy locating. Leave the less important links to the footer.


The structure and naming of categories are also important. Again, clarity reigns. Too many categories will confuse your audience. Too few will have them digging through page after page of somewhat related products.

Create clear hierarchies that can push shoppers closer to the products they want. Breadcrumbs help keep this hierarchical system easy to navigate too. Just as a brick and mortar store will have clear signs and sections for each type of product, so should your store.

For example—Men > Tops > Button-ups. See? Easy.

Know Your Audience

If you don’t know who you are selling to, how can you be effective? Taking the time to identify who your ideal customer is can help drive the rest of your UX strategy. Enter personas.


These are your archetypal customers. By laying out each sort of person you expect to frequent your brand, you can understand how best to target them. Who makes up your audience decides how you construct your site to serve them.

Persona breakdowns include gender, age, economics, device preference, etc. With a clear understanding of these audience factors, your site can serve your customers in the best way possible.

Function Above All Else

Fancy and fun are nice, but if it isn’t functional, forget it. While great design is important for grabbing attention, superfluous features like parallax scrolling and image carousels only serve as distractions to the shopping experience.

What a shopper wants above all else when they have found a site is that the site is easy to use. The thing they are interested in is the product, and the product is not your site. The site exists to highlight the awesome things you sell.

Form without function is art, not ecommerce.

Product Photos Matter

What do your customers want to see? Your products. Don’t skimp on making them look great.

The rest of a site can be beautiful but if the product isn’t looking its best, customers won’t be engaged to buy. As was mentioned in the last section, great design is important as long as it serves to highlight the product.

If possible, have multiple photos available so the customer has the opportunity to really visualize it in their home, at the office, or on their person. We are visual creatures and decisions are often made, in part, with our eyes.

Mobile On The Rise

As our phones have gotten more and more advanced, an ever-expanding percentage of sales have occurred on them. On buses and trains and runways and at home, people are increasingly using their mobile phones to make purchases.

Google has gone as far as to consider a site’s mobile version as its main site with regard to search indexing and visibility.

So, obviously, your site should be properly optimized to best serve this ever-rising contingent of customer. Make your site mobile-friendly and mobile responsive ASAP or else lose a significant revenue source. This is most important in menu navigation and easy checkout.

Be Consistent

A brand has a unitary voice and style. This develops a unique and consistent experience for the customer. Every brand should create a style guide and abide by it.

When visiting a site, shoppers expect a consistent experience from page to page, from homepage to product pages to cart and eventually check-out. Be certain that you are providing an experience that is clean and consistent throughout.

Be Yourself

The reason that you enjoy running your shop is that it reflects your own passion and personality. Create a brand and experience that follows through with who you are and who you aim to serve.

Your passion will extend out to the user’s overall experience of your site, engaging them to continue a relationship with your brand. Because, ultimately, you are fostering a relationship.

Obviously, UX is a big deal for your business. No time like the present to start improving your users’ experiences. Make them want to come back!

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How To Improve Your Landing Page’s CRO In One Day

a couple of months ago

Driving traffic to your site only matters if you convert visitors to customers once they land there. Many different elements play into the conversion rate of your landing page. Fortunately, there are a few things that can optimize your page for conversions as well.

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