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CRM For Ecommerce: One Platform, Double Business Efficiency

a couple of years ago

Modern times require modern solutions. And if you want to maintain relationships with customers in a B2C sector, eCommerce platform is crucial.

With the help of a CRM system, business owners see a full picture of their customers’ behavior and can easily monitor the latest trends. In our article, we’re going to review the benefits of CMR solutions and their implementation. Let’s get started.

Main advantages of CMR usage

We’ve listed a few ways of how a CRM can help with improving customer service quality in the eCommerce field.

Profitability increase

Sales department representatives and CS specialists can easily access information about their customers including order and transaction history, product inventory, etc. This can help with applying a personalized approach, and thus increasing user engagement.

Improved demand and supply planning

When it comes to demand-driven planning, CRM software can be a great asset. Using the system, a company can foresee the demand for their products and manage its reserves.

Targeted advertising

The launch of personalized marketing and advertising campaigns becomes much simpler when you have centralized information at hand.

Self-service portals

With CRM applications, you can create self-service portals for your customers. This way, they can access information like the order status, check inventory and process other requests by themselves.


As you have all the necessary information in hand, you can reach customers out after the sale, offering products according to their preferences.

RMA Management

CS representatives who can access all important details about customers and their order can easily find the best solutions on chats, phone or using specific remote tools.

Reduced service costs

By applying, automatic synchronization you have no needs of manual data transmission. And remember that even best specialists make mistakes that may lead to unsuccessful client’s experience.

Types of CRM System

When you are choosing a CRM system for your company, start by understanding what your software should and should not do. Take all the time you need to define its main features, functionality, and calculate the budget.

Here are a few types of CRM systems, depending on functionality.

Cloud CRM system (SaaS)

All information in these systems is stored in the cloud. This type is great for small and medium-sized companies as they don’t need to spend thousands on hardware and hire technical experts.

Standalone CRM solutions

This type implies creating your own server. Still, instead of cloud solutions, the system is very flexible and you can easily adapt it to your needs.

Custom CRM system

The system is created according to your individual business needs and the needs of your customers. This is the most convenient option for medium and large-sized companies.

The main advantage of custom CRM systems is its development according to specific business needs. This way, you can cover each business process within your company.

Another benefit of custom CRM is an absence of non-required modules and features. This allows users to work faster and saves their nerves.

Finally, there are no monthly payments with custom software as with ready-made solutions. As the company is one and the only owner of the product, you can manage access levels provision, settings, and so on. Sure, web development services are quite expensive, but custom solutions always win when it comes to long distances.

What are the MVP features for eCommerce CRM software?

Let’s stop on the idea of creating custom software for your business. Mind that development does not start with writing code but thorough planning. That’s why we mentioned the main features of any CRM for eCommerce that can be your basis.

Market analytics

This feature helps with tracking the latest market trends. By understanding your customers’ current needs, you can increase sales and thus gain more profit.

Marketing campaigns launch

With a developed CRM system you can easily design and plan marketing campaigns that that are vital for promoting your products or services.

Activity tracking

As you’re building a system for eСommerce, it’s important to track all transactions of your customers. It will keep you informed about the current situation. In addition, these details can be used to offer new services to customers at the right time.

Reliable support

Quite often creating a list of FAQ is not enough. So your software should allow redirecting customers’ questions and requests to the right specialists. For example, if a customer faces a technical issue, they should be redirected right to the technical team.

Customer lifecycle analytics

By checking order history in CRM, you can see what your customers have ordered recently, how often they buy from you and what products.
After the analysis, you can apply the personalization approach suggesting products and services based on customers’ preferences.

Messaging channel

Emails are important for any business, so make sure your custom CRM allows sending mail to customers offering new products. This will capture their attention and increase loyalty towards your company.

The number of features and their objectives completely depend on your vision and business needs. Still, the features we’ve described are considered to be must-haves of any similar product.

How Do I Find the Right Development Team?

Finally, we can move from planning to searching for developers. We’ve collected a few tips that can help you with finding the best experts in the field.

#1. Stop on outsourcing companies

Why offshore developers? First, their services are much cheaper than those of in-house teams. For example, average hourly rates in Eastern Europe start from $35 and reach up to $50. Whereas the hourly rates in the US, Canada or Australia start from $100-150. Second, you don’t need to arrange workplaces, buy software and hardware, pay taxes, etc. Finally, you have a wide range of companies not limited to your country or region.

#2. Check Clutch

Clutch is a great resource for finding a company that does web development. On this website, you can always check for real reviews and feedbacks about companies you are going to work with.

Clutch can greatly help with finding developers

#3. Review portfolios

When you’re checking websites of various companies, take a look at their portfolio. By doing that you can find out if they have any experience in creating CRM systems.

#4. Focus on web solutions

Although we tend to use mobile phones more often than PC, when it comes to CRM systems, it’s better to focus on web development. Mobiles with their small screens are not good for CRM, and your abilities will be significantly limited.

Wrapping up, we’d like to mention that CRM systems indeed bring many benefits to business. As such, it’s an important aspect to consider for your business. The main thing is to define your company needs and objectives first, and only then start looking for qualified developers to build it.

Vitaly Kuprenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad, a web and app development company in Ukraine. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.

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