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72 Stats To Understand Ecommerce SEO in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The history of SEO dates back to early 1990s and the invention of the very first search engine, Archie Query Form. In its short lifespan, this practice has evolved quickly, becoming the cornerstone of every business’ online presence. According to recent SEO statistics, 70-80% of search engine users only focus on the organic results ignoring paid ads. Pretty impressive, right?

But, SEO is not a one-time process. In fact, it changes constantly, with Google introducing updates to its algorithm hundreds of times a year. The most prominent of them, such as Panda, Penguin, and RankBrain have moved SEO from an easily manipulative marketing practice to an art form which combines content creation, promotion, and branding.

Keeping up with so many changes is crucial in order to drive highly qualified visitors to your website. This requires constantly learning new things which can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just entering the world of SEO. But before you get intimidated by this concept, you should know that SEO is easily learnable once you break it down to its basics.

Take a look at some key principles of search engine optimization for ecommerce:

  • Write long and highly relevant content which includes keywords and phrases people use to search for your products and services.
  • Make it easy for people to share and link to it so that you get broader exposure on social media and build an impressive backlink profile.
  • Implement SSL to secure HTTP traffic
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Enhance user experience

Below, you can discover more stats and facts about the core fundamentals of SEO, put together into a comprehensive infographic designed by SEO Tribunal.


Having a prominent online presence is tightly related to implementing an effective SEO strategy. Every online experience begins with a web search and a proper search engine optimization will help you attract people searching for companies and services like yours land on your website and not someone’s else’s.

However, take into consideration that getting placed on the first page of search results doesn’t happen overnight. Once you figure out the core principles of search engine optimization, you will need to stay on top of your game and make sure it’s always up to date.

Hristina Nikolovska

As the Marketing Manager at SEO Tribunal, part of Tina’s daily engagements involve raising awareness of the importance of digital marketing when it comes to the success of small businesses. As her first step towards this journey was in the field of content marketing, she’s still using every opportunity she gets to put her thoughts into educational articles.

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