17 Ways to Increase Sales on eBay (That Actually Work)

The key to increasing sales on eBay is to understand what motivates buyers, what they are looking for in a product, and what drives their purchasing decisions.

How to Increase Sales on eBay?

1. Use Promoted Listings

About 50% of eBay’s first page now features sponsored products. Sponsored products are a great way to boost eBay sales because results on the first page get more views, clicks, and sales!

eBay charges you based on the “pay-per-sale” (PPS) and “pay-per-click” (PPC) models. By outbidding other sellers, you can improve your chances of appearing in the top search results.

The promoted listing will boost sales on eBay, especially if you have products like smartphones and TVs because their model numbers serve as keywords for your ads.

2. Offer Free Shipping and Returns

Free shipping has become a standard that most eBay customers expect! They will hesitate to buy your product if free shipping is not included, especially if your competitors are offering it.

So, if you want to sell faster, offer free shipping!

While offering free shipping, make sure to specify whether it is for domestic or foreign customers or both. The return policy is just as important as free shipping. So if you offer a 60-day return, clearly mention it in your listing.

3. End Old Listings and Relist

It’s important to keep your eBay listings up-to-date and new, especially if you have a lot of views over a long period; otherwise, it will push your listing down in search results. Updating your old listing improves sales because eBay algorithm wants to give buyers the most relevant and recent listings. 

Relisting your eBay listing is also a great way to boost eBay listing and increase sales. Simply go to My eBay, find the item you want to relist and click the Relist button. Also, update all the item information, including an appealing listing title, description, and pricing.

4. Optimize Keywords the Right Way

By optimizing for the right keywords, you can ensure that your listings show up in search results for those specific keywords and that your potential buyers can easily find them. This way, you will get more views on eBay and increase sales of your product.

eBay’s internal search engine, Cassini, helps customers find the most relevant items, therefore, make sure they are relevant to your product. You can use tools like keywordtool.io to find the best-performing keywords.

Once you have found the keywords, find all the different variations of those keywords and use them in the title and description.

5. Use Multiple High-Resolution Photos

A few high-resolution images can do wonders for increasing eBay sales, as your potential buyers can see all the details of your product before buying.

With that in mind, be sure to use a high-resolution camera, the correct image size and resolution, and good lighting and staging techniques for your product images. Once everything is set, take images from 5 different angles because your customers will be interested in seeing your products from different viewpoints.

6. Sell Internationally

Here is the best eBay selling tip! When you sell internationally on eBay, you get buyers from other countries looking for products not available in their own country. This increases sales on eBay by taking advantage of the exchange rates.

Selling internationally on eBay is a great way to improve sales. However, to make sure your trade goes smoothly, use the eBay shipping calculator to find the estimated cost of shipping to different countries and find out about any customs or import taxes that may apply to your buyers.

7. Create a Store Logo and Banner

To sell more on eBay, having a professional-looking logo and banner can make a big difference in terms of attracting buyers and getting more sales on eBay.

When buyers are browsing through listings, they’re more likely to click on a listing that looks polished and professional. It also helps create a lasting impression that will encourage buyers to come back to your listings again and again.

So, if you’re serious about selling more on eBay, take the time to create a logo and banner that reflect the image you want to project. 

8. Build Trust With an About Me Page

The most important thing you can do to have the edge over your competition is to have a detailed “About Me” page.

It is a great way to build trust with potential buyers, and it gives you a chance to tell your story and provide them with information about your background, selling history, and shipping and returns policy.

It builds trust with your potential and recurring customers. Just be sure to keep it up-to-date with any changes to your eBay selling policies or procedures.

9. Fill Out the Full Listing

Many eBay sellers don’t realize the importance of filling out their listings completely. Providing all the product details shows that you’re taking the time to be thorough, and your potential buyers can see exactly what they’re getting and feel confident in their purchase.

eBay’s algorithm also favors listings that contain more information, so by making sure your listing is fully filled out, you’re more likely to appear higher up in search results.

So by taking the time to fill in item specifics, you increase eBay sales.

10. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Buyers are more likely to purchase from sellers who offer great customer service. They feel confident that they will have a positive experience and be able to get any issues resolved quickly and easily.

There are a few key ways that excellent customer service will help you increase sales on eBay:

  • Resolve issues through eBay’s resolution center
  • Respond quickly to buyer inquiries.
  • Be polite and professional in all communications.
  • Offer a hassle-free returns policy.
  • Ship items quickly and provide tracking information.
  • Follow up with buyers after purchase.

11. Encourage Positive Reviews

As an eBay seller, it’s important to understand the role that positive feedback plays because it builds your reputation and leads to increased sales.

One way to encourage buyers to leave positive feedback is to send them a personal message after the transaction is complete. When asking buyers for reviews, make sure to be polite. Something like, “If you’re happy with your purchase, please leave your valuable feedback.”

Include a thank-you note in the package, and let them know that you appreciate their business. You can also leave buyers positive feedback to open a dialogue and encourage them to leave feedback for you.

12. Manage Negative Reviews the Right Way

Most buyers on eBay check out seller feedback first, and the negative reviews can be a drag on sales. So, try to remove them using the “Request feedback revision” option on eBay. See if the reviewer is willing to revise their feedback.

If it can’t be removed, reply with empathy. Buyers will see that you are trying to improve the process. And don’t forget to ask for forgiveness in your reviews, as it shows that you’re willing to take responsibility for your mistakes.

13. Become a Top Rated Seller

As an eBay seller, one of the main things should aim for is to achieve the top-rated badge. It is a great way to show that you’re a reliable seller, and it will help you sell faster.

To become a Top-Rated Seller, you must have a minimum of 100 transactions with a rating of 98% or above. Also, you must have a good track record when it comes to shipping, so communicate with buyers clearly and promptly.

14. List More Products People Want to Buy

Listing more products that people want to buy is a great way to increase your sales on eBay. By listing more of the products that are popular with buyers, you can attract more attention and generate more sales.

Doing more of what works is a great way to improve your sales. If you’re not seeing the results you want, take a look at your product listings and see if there’s anything you can do to make them more attractive to buyers. 

15. Drive External Traffic to Your Listing

Driving more traffic to your listing is the best way to increase sales, and one of the best ways to do that is to start a blog. You can also retarget your readers using Google and Facebook ads. This will also give you a higher click-through rate at a much lower cost.

Another great way to get traffic to your listing is to share it on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This way, you can increase eBay traffic as well as the number of followers.

16. Experiment With Pricing Strategies

Experimenting with different pricing is a great way to boost eBay sales, and eBay’s auction pricing is a strategy where you list your item at a starting price, and buyers can bid on it. The highest bidder wins the item.

Fixed pricing is a pricing strategy in which buyers know exactly how much they will pay for an item. There is no bidding involved.

You can also add “best offer” to your listing, and buyers can send you offers for the item. You can then accept or reject their offers.

Finally, you can use eBay’s Promotions Manager to create special promotions for your listings. Like, sending a discount to buyers who purchase multiple items.

17. Offer Bulk Discounts

When you offer a bulk discount, you are essentially giving buyers a discount for buying more than one item from you. This is a great way to move inventory and sell more.

Bulk discounts also help you build buyer loyalty. By offering a discount to repeat customers, you can encourage them to keep coming back to your store. This can help you build a base of loyal, repeat customers who are more likely to make future purchases.

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