27 Top Online Marketplaces in USA (2023)

There are additional online marketplaces in USA aside from just Amazon for online sellers to take advantage of.

When deciding which marketplaces to list your products on, you need to consider the types of products you sell and who your target market is.

PlatformMain FocusFee per SaleMonthly Organic TrafficVisit
MercariGeneral2.9% + $0.501,035,029Link
eBayGeneral<12.9% + $0.30144,786,087Link
EtsyArts, Crafts, and Gifts6.5%270,653,244Link
BonanzaGeneral3.5% for goods under $500151,768Link
VintedFashionNo fees154,565Link
PoshmarkFashion$2.95 for sales < $15, 20% for sales >$1516,914,393Link
Facebook MarketplaceGeneralNo fees1,457,511,501Link
Instagram CheckoutGeneral5%1,764,687,496Link
CraigslistGeneralNo fees except for commercial real estate77,332,749Link
RubylaneCollectibles and Antiques6.7%222,927Link
Walmart MarketplaceGeneralN/A200,375,991Link
WayfairHome goodsN/A29,794,800Link
Target PlusGeneralN/A124,856,530Link
Best BuyElectronicsN/A59,918,917Link
CratejoySubscription Boxes1.25% + $0.10315,191Link
eWorldtradeB2B SalesN/A28,623Link
HouzzHome goods15%13,064,991Link
JetBulk goods6-20%5,015Link
ReverbMusical Instruments5%2,830,412Link
ChairishHigh-End Vintage Home Furnishings<20%569,366Link

Ecommerce Marketplaces

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top marketplaces in USA and a common marketing channel for online sellers. 

Because of its popularity, this online selling platform can be very competitive. However, it’s a great way for ecommerce sellers to get their products in front of a large audience. So, it’s best for brands that can invest in marketing and advertising efforts to beat the competition. 

2. eBay 

This is still a top place to sell products in a variety of different markets, with millions of buyers present on the site from around the world. 

eBay even offers great business consultation services for free for new sellers, which can be a great resource for those who are just getting started in ecommerce. 

3. Etsy

If you are an online seller who makes handcrafted goods or offers curated vintage collections, Etsy is the best place to sell. 

The marketplace is aimed at artists and crafters, so it’s specially tailored for you and your audience to help you make sales. For a small monthly fee, they’ll provide sellers with an expanded set of tools to help support growth. 

4. Wish

There are over 20 million global customers on Wish, making it one of the largest online marketplace options for online sellers. 

They strive to support merchant success, and hundreds of thousands of goods are sold each day as proof of how well they achieve this goal. 

Wish has a variety of merchant resources available, including language translations of listings, in-app promotions, data intelligence and analysis, and cross-border logistics solutions. 

5. Bonanza 

Bonanza is nearly the largest online marketplace in USA and is great for sellers given its low fees. 

They claim to be built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, so they make the selling process easy and streamlined to support revenue growth for sellers. Merchants love the support they get selling on Bonanza, and the great shopping experience they provide to customers also. 

6. Vinted

Sellers who offer secondhand clothing items should check out Vinted for an easy-to-use interface with absolutely no fees and lower competition than they’ll find on any other online marketplace for used clothing. 

The buyers pay for shipping, so the only thing sellers pay for when getting started on Vinted is marketing costs and packaging your items. The platform is available in Belgium and France, a great option for US-based sellers who want an international reach outside of an American marketplace. 

7. Discogs 

Discogs seamlessly connects music lovers to buy and sell records. It’s pretty easy and affordable to get started selling on the site, and the navigation of the platform leads to an easy selling and purchasing process. 

Plus, they charge comparably low fees to the other largest marketplace for records, eBay. 

8. Poshmark 

Poshmark is the best marketplace to take your unwanted clothing and accessories and turn them into cash. 

They offer a convenient listing process for sellers, especially when compared to the other ways to sell used clothing online or at in-person flea markets. Poshmark also takes care of the logistics side, which is great for sellers just starting out who don’t have a ton of experience yet. 

9. Facebook Marketplace

Many online sellers will utilize Facebook Marketplace as another place to market their products and promote their brands, though typically not their primary source of sales. 

It’s quick and easy to start selling on the platform, and it doesn’t cost sellers anything. So if you’re looking to add a sales channel to your business, setting up a Facebook Shop could be a worthwhile investment of your time, especially if you sell online in USA. 

10. Instagram Checkout

Instagram Checkout is a newer ecommerce marketplace in USA that allows eligible American businesses to list their products to sell on Instagram. 

Users can make an entire purchase from within the app, though sellers will need to submit their products through Facebook first. Sellers also have to fully integrate with Instagrams’s processes in order to get checkout capabilities set up. 

This could be a good option if your target audience hangs out on Instagram, though there is a good amount of work to be done on the seller’s end first. 

11. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most well-known online marketplaces, known for its localized presence, wide range of possible uses, and simplistic interface. 

Even though Craigslist is not the top ecommerce marketplace, many businesses find that Craigslist is a great place to do market research, get their name out there, and increase sales. 

Namely, the Craiglist results page is ranked off recency, not like what’s required to rank high on Google. Thus, it’s a fair place for small businesses to be visible alongside larger competitors. 

12. Rubylane

Rubylane is a place for collectors of vintage and antique goods to sell their products to interested buyers in the niche. 

This ecommerce marketplace has been around since the early days of the internet, and is preferred by many as the best USA marketplace for vintage collectibles because it charges reasonable commission fees to sellers. 

13. Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is a great place to sell online goods because of its high volume of unique monthly visitors, similar to Amazon. 

Online sellers have noted that they face less competition when selling on Walmart Marketplace compared to similar platforms, helping them bring in more revenue than they would on other sites. 

14. Mercari

Mercari is an online marketplace in USA where you can sell in a lot of different product categories, while enjoying lower commission fees than other comparable platforms. 

Especially when you’re cross-listing your goods from other marketplaces like Poshmark or Amazon, Mercari can give you greater exposure, all on an easy-to-use platform. Plus, sellers can set shipping costs, helping them to be flexible to best meet the needs of their customers or business. 

15. Wayfair 

Wayfair is one of the biggest marketplace options available to online sellers, especially if they are in the home decor and household goods niche. 

They’ve been around for nearly two decades, and have millions of active users who make high average order values. 

This is a good option for dropshipping sellers, and they have a unique fee model where they pay partners the wholesale cost of the item and mark it up to customers. 

16. Target Plus

Even though Target has a large physical presence, their online Target Plus platform is a top online marketplace for ecommerce sellers. 

It can be tricky to be chosen as a Target vendor, as it’s majority invite-only, so it’s likely a better fit for established sellers who have a proven track record. 

17. Best Buy

This is a very trusted brand, meaning selling your ecommerce goods on their site can be a great way to get in front of a willing audience who is interested in the types of products you sell. 

So if you sell electronics or related goods, this could be a good channel for you to explore to bring in more sales. 

18. Cratejoy

Cratejoy is the only all-in-one marketplace for subscription boxes. Online sellers who run a subscription box business should highly consider having a presence on the marketplace given its dominance in the niche. 

Over 80% of all subscription box businesses are listed on Cratejoy, and the fees are relatively low. Thus, it’s a smart choice for many entrepreneurs in the space. 

19. eWorldtrade 

For B2B commerce, eWorldtrade is a leader in the space. Many users appreciate the platform for its transparency, which some note is lacking in the niche. 

Plus, it connects buyers and sellers of B2B goods from all around the globe. This can help suppliers find the right customers, no matter where they’re located. 

20. Houzz

While not strictly a USA marketplace, Houzz is a Scandinavian site that offers hundreds of categories of home products. 

They can be strict about their listings, though it’s a good platform for online sellers in the home goods niche. Since they are an industry-specific marketplace, you can easily get your products in front of potential buyers if you operate in this niche. 

21. Jet 

Owned by Walmart, Jet.com is a completely separate platform from Walmart Marketplace and is aimed at sellers who offer bulk products.  

Online sellers can become a Jet Retail Partner, though you’ll need to connect with their platform via API integration rather than a manual upload of listings. So, it could be a better fit for sellers who offer bulk products and have the technical capabilities to operate the platform. 

22. Newegg

Newegg is nearly the biggest online marketplace for electronic goods, with millions of customers across the world. 

Ecommerce sellers in this niche can benefit from direct access to interested buyers, and it’s relatively easy to get started as a merchant on the platform. Plus, you’ll pay zero fees on up to 5,000 listings. 

23. Reverb

Reverb is the number one marketplace for music gear worldwide, so sellers in this niche could grow their business by having a presence on this platform. 

With a heavy presence in Europe, this could help US-based sellers get a new geographic exposure. Plus, you can easily be connected with a targeted audience of musicians and music lovers who are looking for gear like the products you offer. 

24. Ecrater 

Ecrater is an online marketplace with a variety of product categories available. Customers can buy different products from different sellers at the same time, similar to a virtual shopping mall. 

With a large customer base in the United States, sellers can use eCrater as another sales channel to boost revenue and get in front of potential buyers. 

There are not costs to set up a store, you don’t have to fulfill your own orders, and the platform is still growing, making it a good choice for new sellers. 

25. Chairish

This is a great platform if you specialize in high-quality furniture or home decor. The commission that the marketplace charges is tiered based on the value of the order, helping to get more money in the pocket of the sellers, and you don’t have to pay to list unless you’re part of the Elite service. 

The Chairish curators ensure all listed products meet their standards, and they handle all shipping matters so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of delivering large packages. 

26. Stockx 

Many online sellers offering vintage or re-sale clothing prefer Stockx because it keeps them anonymous, and connects them to buyers from hundreds of countries. 

The lower commission fees are another plus, in addition to the strong reputation that Stockx has built in the niche giving sellers on the platform a good chance to build their business. 

27. Overstock 

This is an ecom marketplace where you can sell closeout and new home goods, apparel, and other product categories. 

Sellers need to join their “Supply Network” to get started, which can give merchants good exposure to the platform’s users to help grow their business. 

Overstock offers great reporting and analytics tools to help you track your listings and performance to optimize your success. 

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