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Overview Of The Best Payment Solutions For Your Marketplace

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For a few years now, marketplaces have been essential in bringing together millions of consumers every day. Among the biggest, you probably have heard of and used the likes of Amazon, Airbnb or Etsy.

Generalists or specialized, these platforms, which favor a direct relationship between buyers and sellers, offer many opportunities to customers, but also to their creators. Attracted by the marketplace model, many companies and startups are embarking on this exciting e-commerce adventure today.

More complex than a traditional e-commerce website, a marketplace is a heavy machinery that requires a certain technical know-how. Amongst the technical stakes of a marketplace, payment is a crucial point on which entrepreneurs are often misinformed.

As an online marketplace owner, are you prepared enough to do transactions online?

A Third Party Payment Solution

When creating your marketplace, you most certainly want to use a payment solution offering escrow. Escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates the payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. The funds are released only when all of the terms of the agreement are met. For this reason, it is called the third party payment. Among the benefits this deferred payments option, the ability for the marketplace owner to intervene in case of a dispute is crucial. Escrow is meant to protect both buyers and sellers until the end of a transaction.

When customers know with certainty that there can be no fraud or payment scams, it increases their confidence in your product meaning more brand loyalty.

PayPal or not PayPal?

Actually, special methods for managing payments are required by marketplaces since both the marketplace owner and the vendor get a portion of what the buyer pays for a product. Here is a quick overview of the main differences.

E-commerce vs Online Marketplace

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A common mistake of marketplace owners is to use PayPal as their main payment gateway. If PayPal is a well-known and bulletproof solution it is not suitable to run a marketplace business. A more efficient solution would be Braintree (which is a PayPal service by the way!) as it offers the same security than PayPal, but with payment splits (no escrow).

3 payment solutions to consider

Your payment gateway must help you pave the way the money should be going to exchange hands. Your payment solution has to handle several things like :

  • Securing the payment
  • Escrowing
  • Paying the sellers after charging their share
  • Managing payment to different bank accounts of sellers

If many payment gateways can help you keep all these requirements, they have different features, capabilities, and rates.

How do you figure out which one is best for you?

Here is an overview of the best three payment solutions you should consider when launching your online marketplace.


Mangopay is an end-to-end and customizable payment solution which is designed for marketplaces and crowdfunding websites. It is actually a payment technology which allows marketplaces to set up e-wallets for sellers, buyers, contributors, and project owners; and collect payments and payouts from them automatically. It also helps users collect and accept payments in numerous currencies, supporting both domestic and international payment methods. With Mangopay funds can seamlessly be escrowed and split according to your business model.


  • It seamlessly creates e-wallets for both sellers and buyers and securely holds funds as long as needed.
  • It splits a unique payment between different sellers’ e-wallets, and easily refunds payers to their bank account or e-wallets. And it automatically collects your fees.
  • It applies Know Your Customer processes (KYC) and anti-money laundering checks that conform to European regulations.

Mangopay is recommended for European based marketplaces. It is not suitable for US-based marketplaces.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is a Stripe solution dedicated to online marketplaces. It provides technical infrastructure to operate online payment and handles the transaction for you, so your marketplace does not have to take possession of funds that flow between merchants and buyers.


  • It has a quick setup and easy testing features.
  • It offers seamless security, compliance with PCI has a two-factor authentication and fraud detection systems which add an extra layer of security to their services.
  • It accepts currencies from over 139 countries, and automatically converts foreign currency into your account currency and charges you a commission per transaction, regardless of any monthly fee.

Stripe Connect is recommended for non-European based marketplaces that are not forced to comply with European regulations.


Adyen is the marketplace payment solution built to simplify and accelerate global payments. It makes onboarding, moving funds, and seller payout easier with a fully compliant, global and flexible payment solution for marketplaces. Adyen allows merchants and private individuals to emit and perceive payments in one and only place.


  • You can easily split between one or several parties, move around as needed, hold, and settle funds whenever you want.
  • It supports real-time payments, accepts coupons, discounts, promotions, and gift cards, and also charges customers on a recurring basis for subscription-based purchases.
  • It provides strong KYC, fraud protection filters such as high-risk countries, email service provider risk, high-risk BIN, account number velocity, etc.

Aydien is recommended for high average basket marketplaces and/or high fraud risk platforms.

Selecting the right payment solution for your online marketplace can be one of the challenges. However, today, there are many payment options to ease this issue. With Kreezalid, efficient payment gateways are integrated from the start. Thus, with Kreezalid, you can create and customize your marketplace without any concern regarding which payment gateway you should use and how you should set it up. The Kreezalid team can help you choose the ideal payment provider for your marketplace and you’ll be ready to collect payment in no time.



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