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Running Social Ads: Engage Customers With Premium Imagery

a couple of years ago

We are all born with a tendency to perceive visually. We all rely on visual stuff around us to get by; it is said that 93% of all human communication is visual! Consequently, what follows is then an overwhelming imagery on social media advertising that is aimed at grabbing people’s attention. If you are an ecommerce store, then you would fare well by showcasing your product variety and attract both the potential and existing customers with the quality of your products. However, what people do not realize when they are putting out Facebook ads is that those very ads might be repelling the potential customers from your products.

As mentioned above, imagery has a lot of impact on human thoughts as it is more likely to register stimuli through visual representation. It is also said that human thoughts processes visual information much faster than it does for textual information. Since, your target consumers are so engrossed with visual representation, then that is where you put all your efforts in so as to get better conversion rates. And that is why premium imagery is needed to make your product stand out among the plethora of other product based companies.

Positive visual experiences for your customers

Not only will premium photos and videos create a positive visual experience for your audience but it will legitimize your brand and represent your product in the right way. Having images that do not represent your brand through low-quality images will quickly diminish your brands equity.

There is a lot of image inventory out there for an exhaustive list of products and services, and the internet is filled with low resolution, congested, and bad quality images which you want to stay away from. Choosing the best imagery for your product could do wonders for you. Unless you are using high-quality imagery on your social media advertisements, you are not going to engage your target audience and will actually fail to make them get your message.

Premium imagery for your ads

It’s what attracts the customers to your product. But the thing is that internet is brimming with imagery, how will you make sure that your product stands apart?

You use premium imagery. This good quality visual will meticulously drive out your idea across the congested ad-market that is the internet. On the other hand, what the mediocre photos and videos do is that they sabotage the credibility of your product. People are going to look at it and find that, “oh, that’s the image I saw on someone else’s ad”. Now the image might grip their attention, but unless it is authentic, people are not going to buy into the idea of actually engaging with the product it is marketing. These images are characterized by being low resolution, not bright enough, and they also have that feel of being copied from Google, or some other platform of stock images. Try to avoid these and, instead, go for premium imagery that uses actual product photography and product videos.

The power of lifestyle imagery

On the other hand, will render the customers (both potential and existing) to linger around at your ad for much longer. It is the kind of image that will do wonders for your business’ credibility. It will lead to higher conversion rate. All this because it had the capacity to visually communicate your product/message in a direct, concise and authentic way. These characteristics of premium imagery will lend a professional and authentic feel to your product and that’s what the customers like to actually engage with.

The best way to create a dynamic ad through images is lifestyle product photography. These are images with your product being used by a model in the right setting complimented with the correct props and items. This is also called “scenario-based marketing”; creating the scenario for your audience to turn them from lookers to buyers. Easily one of the quickest ways to manipulate someone to click the ad wanting to learn more about your product.

Having a professional team creating these images with the right planning, gear and execution is imperative. Choose to work with a professional studio that understands sales-conversion and digital marketing. This will increase your odds of having the end deliverables exactly what you are in need of, ultimitaley giving you a great ROI.

Kyle Nelson is the CEO of Results Imagery, a leading eCommerce media company offering sales-converting product photography and videos.

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