33 Best Shipping Apps For Shopify (That Actually Work)

Shipping apps can add extra functionality to your Shopify store, such as being able to track your order or get the best deals on shipping. This functionality attracts more customers. 

The best shipping apps for Shopify are easy to use, allow you to save money on shipping, and make your process more efficient. 

All-in-One Shipping Apps

1. ShippingEasy 

ShippingEasy is the best all-in-one Shopify shipping app for businesses of all sizes.

It allows you to streamline operations while saving money by guaranteeing access to USPS commercial rates. There are insurance discounts available too, to keep costs to a minimum.

The app also includes automation features, which free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

What We Liked 

  • There’s fast label printing available. 
  • ShippingEasy gives you access to USPS commercial rates, which are some of the cheapest shipping rates on the market. 
  • The automated workflows make it easy for you to run your shipping with less manual input. 
  • Shipment tracking keeps you and your customers updated. 
  • There are advanced reporting features with useful data. 

Rating: 4.6 stars with 600 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to 25 shipments per month.

2. EasyShip 

EasyShip is particularly useful for businesses that operate internationally because it gives you access to more than 250 shipping providers, including international options.

What’s more, the popular Shopify shipping app calculates tax and duty rates for you, guaranteeing you the best deal and saving you valuable time.

Your customers can see their shipping rates up front, too. 

What We Liked 

  • The useful tax and duty calculator is perfect for international eCommerce sellers. 
  • Customers can see shipping rates upfront so there are no nasty surprises. 
  • There’s a handy shipping dashboard where you can find all the information you need. 
  • Fulfillment is global. 
  • The branding suite lets you create a delivery experience that’s consistent with your brand. 

Rating: 4.2 stars with 367 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $29 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to 50 shipments per month.

3. ShipStation 

ShipStation suits all businesses and is ideal for improving the efficiency of your shipping process. With this Shopify delivery app, you can access discounts on shipping rates with many of the biggest couriers. 

You can also compare real-time shipping costs with ease, so you know you’re always getting the best deal for your packages. 

What We Liked 

  • The tracking and returns can be branded to deliver customers a consistent experience. 
  • You can view, sort, and filter orders with ease. 
  • There are discounted rates available from couriers such as USPS and FedEx. 
  • ShipStation allows you to import orders directly from your sales management system. 
  • Rapid multi-label creation saves you time. 

Rating: 4 stars with 635 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from £20 per month.
Free Tier: Free trial.

4. Shippo 

Shippo is the best shipping software for Shopify owners that are short on time and want an efficient solution.

This app automated much of the shipping process as well as offering you the lowest rates from some of the biggest couriers, including USPS and DHL. 

Another perk of this app is the ability to generate return labels for free. 

What We Liked 

  • Shippo has an API, ideal if you have developers in your team. 
  • The free automatic returns labels are a unique feature not seen in all the Shopify shipping apps. 
  • You can track shipments and receive notifications about their journeys. 
  • The app offers discounts on shipping rates from the most popular couriers. 
  • You can sync the app to your sales channels.

Rating: 3.9 stars with 529 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $10 per month.
Free Tier: Free tier.

5. Shipway One 

This all-in-one best Shopify shipping app is ideal for businesses that have a high volume of orders and need an app that does it all.

This app allows you to process orders from multiple sales channels and online marketplaces and promises to increase order fulfillment speed by 50%, which is key for keeping customers happy. 

What We Liked 

  • Order tracking and notifications can be branded in line with your colors etc, to offer customers a consistent brand experience. 
  • You can sell your products over multiple channels and still use Shipway One for all orders. 
  • The app offers automatic package and carrier allocation. 
  • Shipway One offers the ability to generate thousands of shipping labels and invoices in one click. 
  • The system auto-detects risky orders with high chances of fraud. 

Rating: 4.9 stars with 446 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per month.
Free Tier: 7-day free trial.

6. Ordoro

Ordoro is an excellent Shopify shipping integration for all types of businesses, especially larger, established businesses with lots of orders. 

You can access discounted rates from some of the biggest couriers like USPS and you won’t pay holiday surcharges.

Plus, you can consolidate the orders from all your marketplaces and sales channels in one handy place. 

What We Liked 

  • The inventory tracking feature allows you to easily keep an eye on stock levels. 
  • The customer service team provides unrivalled support. 
  • The flexible pricing plans allow you to scale easily. 
  • The app also offers dropshipping features, so it’s ideal for sellers that adopt this business model.
  • You can ship printing labels in batches to save time. 

Rating: 4.8 stars with 83 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $59 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to 1 user, and a free trial.

Order Tracking Apps

7. Aftership 

Aftership is a Shopify order tracking app that’s suitable for all Shopify businesses.

It’s the best Shopify order tracking app for sellers wanting to reduce the manual task of tracking orders and updating customers. 

Aftership tracks your shipments not just for you but for your customers, too. This can reduce the number of inquiries you receive about order times.

What We Liked

  • You can brand the tracking page to give customers a seamless experience. 
  • Shipment notifications update you on key moments in the journey of your shipments. 
  • The app will provide an expected delivery date to put you and your customers’ minds at ease. 
  • AfterShip boasts in-depth analytics. 
  • AfterShip is used by some of the world’s biggest brands, so it can clearly handle high traffic. 

Rating: 4.7 stars with 3,641 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $11 per month.
Free Tier: Free trial.

8. Parcel Panel 

Parcel Panel is a Shopify tracking app for the eCommerce post-purchase experience.

The app allows you to create a branded shipping page, which helps to increase sales and create a strong brand identity. 

Shipping notifications keep customers in the loop, while the smart analytics features give you powerful insights into your shipping performance. 

What We Liked 

  • Parcel Panel integrates with multiple sales channels, so if you sell outside of Shopify as well, it’s ideal. 
  • Real-time tracking gives you and your customers accurate updates. 
  • There’s a free trial for businesses with a limited budget that are just starting out. 
  • Reasonably priced.

Rating: 5 stars with 926 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $9 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to a quota of 20.

9. Rush 

Rush is one of the best Shopify shipping solutions for businesses of any size and industry, but particularly those trying to increase their number of repeat customers. 

Rush allows you to update your customers regularly on the status of their orders.

This feature reduces the number of customer inquiries you receive, which frees up your time to focus on growing your online store. 

What We Liked 

  • The tracking page is customizable, so you can create it in the image of your brand for consistency and a seamless experience. 
  • Shipping analytics help to inform your shipping strategy.
  • Shipping email notifications can be used to increase sales. 
  • With Rush, you can update customers on the status of their order before they become impatient. 
  • The review request emails help to increase your social proof. 

Rating: 5 stars with 244 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $9 per month.
Free Tier: 10-day free trial. 

Shipping Rate Apps

10. Calcurates 

Calcularates is the best Shopify shipping rate app, and it’s suited to any type of business size or industry.

This Shopify shipping software allows you to take control of the shipping methods and rates shown on your checkout. 

With Calcurates, you can make your shipping more cost-effective and access rates from the most popular couriers. 

What We Liked 

  • The platform integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms, so if you have stores outside of Shopify you can likely use Calcurates for them. 
  • The custom shipping options allow you to get the best rate for every customer. 
  • You can assign rates to certain shipping zones – ideal for international sellers. 
  • Display accurate international duties and taxes at the checkout. 
  • With Calcurates, you can set up condition-based in-store pickup for local customers. 

Rating: 4.9 stars with 15 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $69 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to 1000 monthly credits.

11. SC Shipping Rates Calculator+ 

This Shopify shipping app works for all types of businesses but is particularly useful for those wanting to increase their conversion rates. 

This app helps you to reduce abandoned carts and sell more products with real-time international shipping rates.

By displaying accurate rates at the checkout, you can improve customer trust and boost sales. 

What We Liked 

  • Real-time geo-location detects where your customers are based and offers them the best rates for their location.
  • A reduction in unexpected shipping costs helps to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 
  • The price is reasonable for all the benefits that the app offers. 
  • The customer reviews are favorable, showing the reliability of the app. 
  • Providing estimated delivery dates reduces customer inquiries. 

Rating: 5 stars with 372 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $9.99 per month.
Free Tier: 14-day free trial.

12. Intuitive Shipping 

If your focus is reducing cart abandonment, Intuitive Shipping is ideal.

This app for shipping rates allows you to customize every step of your checkout process to ensure that shipping costs are as transparent as possible for your customers.

With Intuitive Shipping, you can show up-to-date shipping options and rates.

What We Liked 

  • You can display descriptions below each shipping option for maximum transparency. 
  • For maximum shipping benefits, connect it with your ShipStation account for discounted shipping rates. 
  • Shipping rates appear in real-time for accuracy. 
  • Customer reviews praise the app’s ease of use and effectiveness in boosting sales. 
  • You can customize the names of blended shipping rates.

Rating: 5 stars with 297 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $29 per month.
Free Tier: Free plan is available as well as a 15-day free trial. 

13. Advanced Shipping Rules 

Advanced Shipping Rules is the best Shopify shipping rate app for eCommerce stores with more complicated shipping requirements – hence the name. If you ship internationally, you’ll love this app.

Advanced Shipping Rules allow you to set rates for different groups, exclude products of your choice from the offer of free delivery, and set geographical restrictions on products.

What We Liked 

  • You can customize a product’s delivery area, which is ideal for international sellers. 
  • The app offers the ability to set different rates for different product groups. 
  • Offer a reduced local delivery rate for products of your choice. 
  • You can set different package dimensions for different groups of products. 
  • You can customize the rules entirely to your needs. 

Rating: 4.8 stars with 432 reviews.
Pricing: $9 per month.
Free Tier: 7-day free trial.

Shipping Label Apps

14. Skydropx 

Skydropx is the best Shopify shipping label app and the best part is it’s completely free to install.

Using this app, you can quote shipments with different carriers and choose the best choice depending on logistics and price points.

Plus, Skydropx offers the best market rates to choose from. All you need to do then is print your label.

What We Liked 

  • You have access to the best shipping rates from many of the biggest names in shipping. 
  • Manage deliveries and collections all from one easy-to-use dashboard. 
  • It’s completely free to install. 
  • You can send international shipments as well as local ones. 
  • You can select the best shipping rates on account of price, effectiveness, or delivery times using the app’s comparison tools. 

Rating: 4.4 stars with 35 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $0 per month.
Free Tier: Free to use.

15. PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label 

This Shopify shipping label app suits all Shopify businesses and it provides an excellent way to automate shipping for your store with multiple carriers.

With access to some of the biggest carriers in the business, PH MultiCarrier calculates shipping rates at checkout. This way, you’ll avoid over or undercharging customers for shipping.

What We Liked 

  • The app marks Shopify orders as fulfilled and sends out live tracking notifications to customers. 
  • The automated notifications reduce the number of customer queries you can expect. 
  • The option of using global carriers can increase your international reach. 
  • PH MultiCarrier will automatically select the cheapest carrier and service to ship your package. 
  • You can use your own packaging or packaging provided by the courier. 

Rating: 4.6 stars with 179 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $9 per month.
Free Tier: 14-day free trial. 

16. F+2: Order Printer Templates 

Using well-designed templates, this app allows you to customize invoices, packing slips, returns forms, and gift receipt templates. 

You can customize these items to fit your brand, creating a strong brand identity in the minds of customers. Plus, the app costs nothing to install, you simply need to purchase templates of your choice. 

What We Liked 

  • The app is free to install.
  • This shipping app for Shopify has excellent reviews, with customers praising its ease of use and friendly customer service. 
  • The easy-to-use template designer is perfect for beginners and doesn’t require coding knowledge. 
  • Templates are a one-time purchase – there are no ongoing costs. 
  • There’s friendly support available 24/7.

Rating: 4.9 stars with 1,113 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $0 per month.
Free Tier: Free to install. 

Returns Apps

17. AfterShip Returns Center 

AfterShip Returns Center is the best Shopify return app and it sounds like any type of business, but it’s particularly useful for those who enjoy a high volume of orders. 

With this app, you can have extensive control over your returns, including customizing returns to offer exchanges or partial returns from bundles.

By offering options such as store credit or exchanges, you can minimize revenue lost to returns.

What We Liked 

  • The pricing plans are flexible and can be quickly scaled up. 
  • You can allow customers to exchange their returns for other items.
  • Bonus incentives offered by the app increase the chance of customers exchanging instead of returning products.
  • You can also offer refunds in the form of store credit to encourage repeat purchases. 
  • Accept individual returns from bundles with this app. 

Rating: 4.6 stars with 1.861 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $11 per month.
Free Tier: Free trial.

18. Return & Exchange Portal 

Return & Exchange Portal (also known as ReturnGO) is an excellent Shopify returns app for businesses looking to become more sustainable and reduce waste.

This app allows you to create a branded returns portal for simple returns management.

The app allows for and encourages exchanges, so you lose less money when a customer doesn’t like their order. 

What We Liked 

  • There are multiple return options, including exchanges and store credit. 
  • You can set effective automation rules for auto-exchange, auto-return, auto-approve, and more. 
  • The app allows you to automatically generate pre-paid shipping labels for tracking returns.
  • The app is well-reviewed and liked by customers. 
  • ReturnGO integrates with many of the most popular shipping carriers. 

Rating:  4.9 stars with 224 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $17 per month.
Free Tier: 14-day free trial.

19. Return Prime 

Already trusted by many global brands, Return Prime is an excellent shipping returns app for international businesses of all sizes.

You can manage all your returns and exchanges in one place and reduce your support queries by giving customers self-service returns options.

You can even issue store credit to increase repeat customers. 

What We Liked 

  • The powerful analytics and reporting give eCommerce sellers detailed insights. 
  • There’s friendly 24/7 support available. 
  • The app has more than 25 logistics partners to make your return process simple. 
  • You can fully brand and customize the user journey. 
  • You can set up one-click return or exchange requests to remove friction for customers. 

Rating: 5 stars with 301 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to 1 user.

Region Specific Apps

20. Australia, UK – Starshipit 

This is the best order management app for the UK and Australia regions.

This app is all about automation. It allows you to easily generate labels and print them either one at a time or in bulk. 

For international orders, Starshipit submits customs documentation on your behalf, making it easier to take your business global. 

What We Liked 

  • The app offers automated packing slips and shipping labels. 
  • Starshipit makes it easy to send packages internationally. 
  • You can integrate with the couriers and platforms you already use by importing existing order detail. 
  • The app allows you to allocate orders automatically to couriers of your choice. 
  • Starshipit auto-corrects invalid addresses. 

Rating: 4.7 stars with 156 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from £20 per month.
Free Tier: 30-day free trial. 

21. India – Shiprocket 

Shiprocket is the best Shopify shipping app for India because of the abundance of features offered for this region. 

Shiprocket allows you to find the lowest shipping rates for domestic and international shipments alike, which saves you money you can invest back into your eCommerce site.

There are automation features, too, to free up more of your time. 

What We Liked 

  • You can print shipping labels with ease. 
  • The customer support is quick, reliable, and friendly. 
  • You can sync and import orders from various platforms with ease and speed.
  • You have access to the lowest shipping rates available for your items. 
  • You can choose from multiple highly-rated couriers for your shipments. 

Rating: 3.5 stars with 435 reviews.
Pricing: Starting at 26/500gms per month.
Free Tier: Free trial.

22. Europe – Sendcloud 

Sendcloud is the best Shopify shipping app for Europe. This Shopify shipping platform allows you to manage your shipments from start to finish in one place.

You can print shipping labels with just one click and create rules that automatically assign orders to the correct shipping method.

This automation saves you time and reduces the risk of error.

What We Liked 

  • The personalized tracking page helps to keep your brand identity consistent for customers. 
  • The automation features are perfect for saving time. 
  • The option of personalized marketing widgets helps to boost sales. 
  • The analytics dashboard offers clear and detailed insights for business owners. 
  • The free plan is ideal for beginners on a limited budget. 

Rating: 4.2 stars with 214 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from £19 per month.
Free Tier: Free up to 2 shop integrations.

23. Africa – uAfrica 

uAfrica is the best Shopify shipping app for Africa, thanks to its well-designed and easy-to-use features.

The template for customer tracking updates is customizable, so you can brand it to match the rest of your user journey.

Providing users with regular updates also helps to reduce the number of support queries you receive, saving you time. 

What We Liked 

  • The generous free trial is perfect for testing this shipping app. 
  • You can get quotes from multiple carriers to guarantee the best price for your shipments. 
  • Keep your customers in the loop with uAfrica’s customizable tracking notifications. 
  • Electronic labels can be generated in just one click. 
  • You can deliver anywhere in South Africa and use multiple couriers. 

Rating: 3.7 stars with 66 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from R99 per month.
Free Tier: 30-day free trial.

24. Southeast Asia – Janio Asia 

The best Shopify shipping app for Asia in Janio Asia.

With Janio Asia, you can integrate all the processes of your supply chain into one easy-to-use dashboard, so no more flicking between tabs.

Keep your customers in the loop with Janio Asia’s delivery tracking and notifications so you receive fewer messages asking for updates. 

What We Liked 

  • The app is easy to install and integrates perfectly with Shopify stores. 
  • Everything can be managed from one straightforward platform. 
  • Customers can be updated easily with the app’s tracking notifications. 
  • The customer service is friendly, reliable, and fast. Some users report being assigned a dedicated account manager. 
  • You can ship all across Southeast Asia to maximize your market coverage. 

Rating: 4.8 stars with 5 reviews.
Pricing: No pricing is listed on the site.
Free Tier: Free to install.

Carrier-Specific Apps

25. FedEx – Ship, Rate and Track 

If you’re a fan of FedEx and it’s your preferred shipping carrier, you’ll adore this app. With Ship, Rate and Track, you can display real-time FedEx rates.

You can also mark orders as fulfilled and send the information to your customers.

By giving customers access to tracking information, you can reduce the number of inquiries you receive and give your customers autonomy. 

What We Liked 

  • You can choose to use your own packaging or pack items into FedEx flat-rate packaging. 
  • Customers can track their own parcels, avoiding excessive customer inquiries. 
  • The app lets you mark orders fulfilled so you can keep on top of your to-do list. 
  • Customers rate the app well. 
  • Real-time delivery times and costs are shown to your customers at checkout. 

Rating: 4.9 stars with 261 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $19 per month.
Free Tier: 15-day free trial.

26. USPS, UPS – Pirate Ship 

This is the best Shopify fulfillment app for fans of both UPS and USPS.

You can save up to 89% on fees for these couriers, with no hidden costs that you’re not expecting.

Using this app, you’ll get the best shipping rates no matter how many items you’re shipping. Sign up with no credit card required. 

What We Liked 

  • You can try this app for free without giving credit card details. 
  • You’ll get the cheapest rates available for USPS and UPS.
  • You can easily print shipping labels from the app. 
  • The app automatically marks Shopify orders as fulfilled, saving you valuable time. 
  • Once installed, it’s easy to use and you can get started in seconds. 

Rating: 4.5 stars with 85 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $0 per month.
Free Tier: Free to install.

27. DHL, Deutsche Post – Post & DHL Shipping 

This popular shipping application is great for domestic and international shipping using DHL and Deutsche Post.

If one of these is your favorite carrier, there are a few apps more suited to your business. 

You can create orders for domestic and international parcels in bulk, saving time and making your job easier. 

What We Liked 

  • You can manage different shipping accounts all from one place. 
  • The app allows you to take advantage of additional DHL services with ease. 
  • Share the tracking IDs with your customer so they can check for updates without your input.
  • Communicate with your team inside the app. 
  • The app is free to install. 

Rating: 4.5 stars with 128 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $0 per month.
Free Tier: Free to install.

Dropshipping Apps

28. Zendrop 

Zendrop is the best Shopify dropshipping app for businesses of all sizes that have adopted the dropshipping model.

It’s particularly useful for companies that ship globally, thanks to international functionality. 

With Zendrop, you can connect to reliable suppliers and access industry-leading shipping options from major shipping suppliers for you to choose from. 

What We Liked 

  • The shipping times are faster than many other apps. 
  • You’ll get the best dropshipping prices you can find for high-quality products. 
  • Automation features keep your store ticking over without your input. 
  • The customer support team is world-class, with quick and friendly responses to your queries. 
  • Real-time analytics give you an insight into your store’s success. 

Rating: 4.7 stars with 3,121 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $49 per month.
Free Tier: 7-day free trial and free plan available. 

29. Spocket 

Spocket is a shipping app for companies with a dropshipping business model.

Using this app, you can find dropshipping suppliers from all around the world, which is ideal if you want to open up your store globally.

You can also get wholesale prices with no minimum order, helping your business save valuable costs. 

What We Liked 

  • Dropship a huge range of products from across Europe and the US. 
  • The app offers wholesale prices even if you don’t buy in bulk.
  • The branded invoicing feature allows you to create a powerful brand. 
  • The customer service team is quick to respond, reliable, and friendly. 
  • You can fully automate AliExpress shipping. 

Rating: 4.6 stars with 3,250 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $29.99 per month.
Free Tier: 14-day free trial and a free plan.

30. Syncee 

This dropshipping app allows you to find products from vetted dropshipping suppliers from the US and beyond.

You can automate many of your actions on Syncee, such as product uploads, updates, and order data synchronization, which frees up your time.

Plus, you can access directly to your dropshippers, with the app’s messenger system.

What We Liked 

  • There’s a huge range of dropshipping products available. 
  • You can chat with suppliers directly on Syncee’s messenger feature. 
  • Many of the features are automated, saving you valuable time.
  • You can customize the pricing settings with price margin and rounding rules. 
  • You can bring in the details of dropshippers you’ve found outside Syncee. 

Rating: 4.7 stars with 946 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $29 per month.
Free Tier: 14-day free trial. 

31. DSers

This dropshipping app is best for users of AliExpress dropshipping, and it allows you to place orders, find suppliers, and import products.

It’s compatible with Wix and WooCommerce, too, so if you use multiple eCommerce platforms you’ll be able to enjoy the features of this app in most of them.

What We Liked 

  • There’s a free plan with basic features for users with a limited budget. 
  • Customer service queries are often answered quickly by the support team.
  • You can place bulk orders in just a few seconds. 
  • If you own multiple Shopify stores, you can manage them all from one account. 
  • You can automatically track order status.

Rating: 5 stars with 11,905 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $19.90 per month.
Free Tier: 14-day free trial and a free plan. 

32. Printful 

Printful is perfect for companies that create customizable products – such as T-shirts or mugs – and need print-on-demand dropshipping services. 

Printful takes care of all the logistics. All you need to do is design products to sell on your Shopify store and market them.

You have the option to upload existing designs or create new ones, giving you complete flexibility. 

What We Liked 

  • Even the paid pricing plans are affordable. 
  • You can integrate with other stores like Etsy – perfect if you use multiple sales channels.  
  • Easy-to-use design tools allow you to create professional designs with minimal experience. 
  • There are no hidden costs. 
  • You can custom brand your packaging, packing slips, and more for a seamless customer experience. 

Rating: 4.6 stars with 4,210 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $9 per month.
Free Tier: Free plan.

33. Gelato 

Gelato is another dropshipping app suited to companies that sell print-on-demand products.

With production in 33 countries, you can choose a producer close to home to improve sustainability, but you have the option to send your products abroad, too.

Gelato has a reputation for delivering products safely and on time. 

What We Liked 

  • You can opt for local production if your company is trying to reduce emissions. 
  • You get 50% off your first Gelato order. 
  • Gelato operates globally, so you can open up your store internationally. 
  • The delivery times are faster than many other dropshipping providers. 
  • Gelato integrates with several other eCommerce platforms, so you can use it for multiple channels. 

Rating: 4.5 stars with 176 reviews.
Pricing: Starting from $14.99 per month.
Free Tier: Free to install – you pay for what you print.

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