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7 Tips to Stay Secure while Shopping Online

Online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry that is too big to ignore. Like the Internet of the 90s, it is the next big milestone in technology that has become a steady presence in our daily lives.

From daily groceries to electronic appliances, why even online medical shopping has become the norm of the day. But, the question is, is shopping online secure?

According to Jumio, 51% of customers did not complete a purchase, because they were skeptical about entering their credit card details for an online purchase. Not everybody is a fan of online shopping.

In fact, there are a handful of dangers that makes people abstain from online shopping. Some such pressing reasons include:

  • Face eCommerce websites that steal and sell personal information of customers
  • Identity theft,
  • Product or scams run by scrupulous vendors
  • Hidden charges, taxes, duties, etc.

The list is endless and continues to grow as new varieties of online shopping scams as exposed on a daily basis.

So, coming to the point – How can one stay secure while shopping online? Here are some ways that will help you secure yourself while rolling on an online shopping spree.

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