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How to Use Video Marketing for Small Business


The use of videos for marketing a brand is a rapidly growing technique that many small businesses are getting involved in. With minimal cost and effort, you can produce some really effective and entertaining clips that will instantly grab your viewer’s attention and make them want to learn more about you and what you can do for them.

What Makes Video Marketing So Great?


It makes big bucks

Companies that use a video on their landing page have experienced an increase in conversions of up to 80%, which is an incredible boost in sales. E-commerce is driven by visual stimuli, so by showing your customers what makes your business and your product so amazing will make them want to be part of that.

It builds trust

When a customer can see first-hand what your company does, the people it employs, the services it provides, all in a fun, friendly video, it makes them want to join in the experience. Videos are generally informal and conversational, and build a relationship between company and consumer. If you provide helpful information and appear to be communicating personally with those watching, they’ll want to stick around.

It won’t put you out of pocket

Video marketing needn’t be a huge investment for small businesses. All you really need is a mobile phone and a good idea. A simple, one-minute clip that’s entertaining and informative will be enough to generate attention and bring in sales. Although it’s not necessary, you could check this list of cameras for video blogging if you need one.

Google will like you

It’s been proven that websites with a video embedded are more likely to appear in the top search results, due to people spending a longer time on your page in order to watch them. Make sure your titles and descriptions are interesting and SEO-friendly to really capitalise on viewer attention.

It’s great for mobile phones

Smartphones have rapidly taken over computers and televisions as the preferred form of watching videos. People like to entertain themselves whilst on the go, and it’s much easier to learn about something through a minute long clip rather than try to read an entire blog post on a tiny screen. Plus, on a mobile people can instantly share the video to their social media page, instantly gaining you more fans.

It’s guaranteed success

The most important reason of all – it’s an easy way to get customers. Through video you can introduce your team, show how your product works and what its benefits are, answer questions, and educate your consumers. It’s thoroughly effective and your consumers will love it. So what are you waiting for?

What Videos Should You Be Making?


The introduction

Your primary video, and the one that should be on your landing page, is the one that gives a brief overview of what you do. Talk about your brand and its key aims, introduce the people that work there and explain what problem you solve for your customers. Aim to keep it fairly short and make sure it engages the viewer within the first few seconds. This is your chance to really wow your potential customers so make it count!

The demonstration

A few detailed videos explaining and showing what your product does and how it works are much more effective for your customers than looking at a couple of stock photos. You can show what a great service you provide and how it will benefit them. A bit of extra description goes a long way and will win your viewers over.

The customer testimonial

Question: which review would you trust more? A real life person talking to you on camera about how much they enjoyed a product and why it’s great, or ‘I love this! – Linda, 27, Stoke’? I’m inclined to think you’ll go for the first one, and you wouldn’t be alone. Video testimonials from customers who have tried and tested your product and want to share how much they enjoyed it are a great way to build trust in your viewers, and are so much more effective than reading a probably-made-up quote.

The interactive video

Consumers love to feel like they’re involved in something, and interactive clips are a fantastic way to build a relationship with your viewers. Choice-based videos or games where the customer can follow your product through a story are fun and keep your service at the forefront. Live question and answer sessions are also amazing for getting feedback and to answer any queries about your products, which cuts out the long process of responding to emails and question forms.

The blog

Having a video blog on your site is now the norm for clued-up companies these days, as it keeps your viewers up to date with what’s going on. Posting insights into office life, new developments in the industry, interviews with business experts and teasers for new products will keep your brand relevant in the ever-shifting market and will ensure your customers don’t forget about you.

The educational video

Showing your consumers how to perfect a skill relevant to your industry is something a bit different and will add a little extra something to their user experience. Whether it’s upholstering a sofa, replacing a computer hard drive or learning basic French, these mini teaching sessions will show your customers that you’re dedicated to helping them in any way you can.


So there you have it! Video marketing is undeniably an incredible opportunity for small businesses to grow their customer base and to become a real competitor in their industry in a fun, interactive and informative way. Grab your phone and start videoing!

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