9 Best Dropshipping Platforms That Actually Work (2023)

A dropshipping platform helps store owners optimize their sites and automate ordering and fulfillment processes so they can take a hands-off approach to the business. 

The best dropshipping platforms include helpful integrations, easy-to-understand analytics, and order fulfillment automation so you can run your dropshipping business as intended. 

Best Dropshipping Platforms

1. Shopify

The Shopify dropshipping platform is widely used and is very intuitive, making it a good tool even for beginners without tons of experience. 

It’s easy to get started, and you’ll quickly be guided through a few prompts to get your site to get it up and running in just a few minutes.  

You can easily upload products from existing suppliers or be connected seamlessly to the Oberlo page to search for products to sell via dropshipping. 

Product details like the title, descriptions, and photos are all customizable so you can cater the product page how you want to your customers. 

Dropshipping Integrations 

On the Shopify dropshipping platform, searching in plugins for ‘dropshipping’ apps comes up with 518 different tools. 

Some of the main plugins that are available include the Trendsi app for fashion dropshipping, DSers for Alibaba dropshipping, and HyperSKU. 

What We Liked

  • Extremely simple setup that can get you up and running in just minutes
  • They have a good customer service team with quick response times
  • There are many great resources on Shopify to help you get the help you need
  • The platform has guides to help you discover which products you should sell
  • Widely supported around the world for global customer bases

What Can Be Improved

  • Not very easy to transition from Shopify to another platform
  • They don’t have email hosting for marketing and promotion efforts
  • Some of the site customization could be better like other platforms

Pricing: Starting at $79 per month
Free Tier: Yes, 3 days
Difficulty Level: For beginners

2. WooCommerce 

The WooCommerce dropshipping platform is one of the best available for shop owners today. It’s free to get started and helps you simply build a site where you can easily sell goods to customers. 

Many see it as the best dropshipping platform given how simple it integrates with other necessary apps for dropshipping. Plus, site owners get a ton of control over how the site is laid out and how well it caters to their audience for maximized conversions. 

Some of the main features include AliExpress integration, quick inventory importing from suppliers, assigning order fulfillment with specific suppliers, Amazon Affiliate support, and more. 

Dropshipping Integrations 

Searching for dropshipping plugins on the WooCommerce page brings up 15 possible extensions. 

While they don’t have the most plugins available, they do have some of the most important ones. These include AliExpress Dropshipping, Syncee, Amazon Fulfillment, Zapier, and others. 

What We Liked

  • It’s a completely free and open-source platform for e-commerce sellers
  • No transaction fees are charged when using a third-party payment processor
  • No limitations on what can or cannot be sold on the site
  • This ecommerce dropshipping platform has hundreds of free themes to choose from
  • Better optimization for SEO compared to other dropshipping platforms

What Can Be Improved

  • The platform is free, but users will need to pay for hosting services for their sites
  • Not a lot of included marketing tools, though there are plenty that can be added in
  • The support team can often be hard to reach and have slow response times

Pricing: Free
Free Tier: N/A
Difficulty Level: For intermediate users

3. BigCommerce

The BigCommerce dropshipping platform has many great features that help site owners get started selling online. 

BigCommerce is a hosted e-commerce platform, so you don’t have to worry about getting any other hosting services to run your site. Plus, it’s built for people who don’t have a background in web design, so it’s easy even for users who aren’t tech-savvy. However, there are advanced tools for those who do want to take customization to the next level. 

The dropship platform has great features to help you market your store and easily customize the look of the site so it fits your brand identity. 

Dropshipping Integrations

There are 16 available dropshipping integrations on the BigCommerce site, which covers all the major plugins that a store owner might need to run a successful shop. 

Some of the most important integrations include AliExpress Dropshipping by Webkul, NextsChain, Spocket, and others. 

What We Liked

  • Site owners can set their own shipping rates
  • Smaller company, but still has many reputable customers to prove its performance
  • Many different payment gateways are supported on BigCommerce
  • Good SEO and blogging tools
  • Can edit CSS and HTML for further customization of the site

What Can Be Improved

  • You are automatically upgraded to the next plan if you cross a certain sales threshold
  • There aren’t any hosted email marketing tools on this ecommerce dropshipping solution
  • BigCommerce does not support multi-lingual sites on the platform

Pricing: Starting at $29.95/month
Free Tier: Yes, 15 days
Difficulty Level: For beginners

4. Wix

The Wix dropshipping platform is very simple to use and continues to be one of the biggest names in the space. Wix is mostly known for its website builder platform, however, they also have the tools necessary to run a dropshipping business as well. 

Given how it’s mostly used for website building, many people already associate it with being an easy-to-use platform. This works in its favor in helping small store owners run their e-commerce businesses. 

It’s quick to get your site set up on Wix for dropshipping, and they have great features like a shipping calculator and no commission fees to help your profitability. 

Dropshipping Integrations

The dropshipping integrations available on Wix include 36 different apps, even more than some of the best ecommerce dropshipping platform options. 

Some of the major apps that you can integrate with your site are Spocket, DropCommerce, DSers AliExpress Dropshipping, and others. 

What We Liked

  • The back-end is very easy to use and set up, even for beginners with little experience
  • They have a real-time shipping calculator to help you set the proper rates
  • You can sell both physical and digital goods from the Wix platform
  • Hundreds of available plugins and integrations that can help you save money
  • They don’t charge sales fees that you pay on each transaction

What Can Be Improved

  • Their theme library could be better and more diverse
  • Could be a little simplistic in its features and tools compared to others
  • Some of the more advanced features are exclusive to the higher tiers

Pricing: Starting at $27 per month
Free Tier: Yes, 14 days
Difficulty Level: For beginners

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is a great platform to run your dropshipping business from given the professional-looking websites you can easily create from the platform. Plus, their drag-and-drop editor means you don’t need to have coding experience to design a quality website for your store. 

Additionally, you can highly customize the site to fit your needs, with other important tools for dropshippers like marketing and promotional features to help you see more sales conversions. 

Squarespace is widely known both among industry professionals and outside, so it will continue to be one of the biggest and best ecommerce platform for dropshipping out there. 

Dropshipping Integrations

Squarespace dropshipping platform has two main integrations for dropshipping, including Spocket, as many other platforms offer. Plus, you can also add Printful to your site on Squarespace. 

As you can see, they don’t offer nearly as many integrations as the other best ecommerce software for dropshipping. 

What We Liked

  • Easy to make very high quality and well-designed websites using their templates
  • Great sales tools to help you boost conversions and remove friction
  • Strong uptime and loading speeds
  • Free domain name with the purchase of an annual plan
  • 24/7 support via live chat

What Can Be Improved

  • The pricing isn’t as competitive as some of the other platforms
  • Squarespace only supports a limited number of payment options for your customers
  • The content blocks of the templates can feel limiting to designers

Pricing: Starting at $33 per month
Free Tier: Yes, 14 days
Difficulty Level: For beginners

6. Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) 

The Adobe Commerce dropshipping platform is a good fit for store owners who run a multi-channel strategy. The sophisticated features of the platform mean you can really unlock the full power of analytics in your business to grow sales levels quickly. 

Adobe Commerce makes it easy to scale up your store with ease and gives you access to a large array of other Adobe products and services. This helps you better personalize your store, in addition to leveraging their powerful tools that can help you take your business to the next level. 

Many users like that it’s easy to expand into new countries and support multiple languages on Adobe Commerce, which is important to many dropshippers today. 

Dropshipping Integrations

The dropshipping plugins available on Adobe Commerce include 11 different apps that can help site owners be more efficient.

Some of the major integrations on this ecommerce dropshipping software include AliExpress Dropshipping by Webkul, Megainventory Inc, Boostmyshop, and more. 

What We Liked

  • There is no setup fee in addition to the price of the monthly subscription
  • Adobe Commerce scales with your business as you grow
  • Very powerful tools and features to leverage analytics and data
  • Customization abilities are very vast 
  • Great for users who run multi-channel sales strategies

What Can Be Improved 

  • Some of the loading times for tools and site pages can be slow because of the advanced features
  • May be a little too advanced for beginner users
  • The free open-source version lacks some functionality

Pricing: Pricing quote available upon request
Free Tier: Open-source platform available for free
Difficulty Level: For advanced/intermediate users

7. Weebly 

The Weebly dropshipping platform is best for smaller stores that have straightforward needs and don’t require a ton of advanced features. 

Weebly is a popular website builder that hosts millions of sites, though it isn’t necessarily built to be the best platform for dropshipping. Their designs and simple-to-use editor are top of the industry, though they lack some of the powerful e-commerce features a dropshipper will need to successfully run their store. 

However, their built-in email marketing tool can be a great resource for smaller stores that want to stay in touch with customers and use it for promotional reasons. 

Dropshipping Integrations 

There are only three different tools for dropshipping that you can integrate into Weebly. Given that it’s not as directed at e-commerce businesses, this makes sense. 

However, the three apps you can integrate for dropshipping include wholesale2b, Printful, and Inventory Source. 

What We Liked

  • Good for simple uses and small stores in a straightforward way
  • You can get a lot of good value given the low prices they charge
  • The website designs and templates to choose from are great
  • Great built-in email tools to help with marketing efforts
  • The dashboard and interface are simple to use and straightforward

What Can Be Improved

  • High fees charged on the platform can cut into your profits
  • Some of the ecommerce features on this platform are lacking compared to others
  • SEO capabilities are there, but could be better

Pricing: Starting at $38 per month
Free Tier: Yes, 14-days
Difficulty Level: For beginners

8. Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart)

This is a very powerful dropshipping tool that helps store owners optimize the look of their site with great customization and flexibility. 

Plus, dropshippers using Shift4Shop can enjoy a versatile shipping setup, great management functions, and secure web hosting for the best results and reliability. 

If you run a dropshipping ecommerce website, Shift4Shop could be the right choice for you given its excellent scalability and strong site performance and integrations to help you boost efficiency and sales levels. 

For those with coding experience, the platform is completely customizable to fit your needs and the preferences of your customers. 

Dropshipping Integrations

The Shift4Shop dropshipping platform has seven different integrations for dropshipping applications. 

While this isn’t the most that any ecommerce dropshipping business can find from the other platforms on this list, they still offer some of the best like Banggood, Doba, and Convictional. 

What We Liked

  • High levels of customization are possible through flexible coding on Shift4Shop
  • Easy editor for the users who don’t know how to code
  • Flexible shipping rate setup and calculator to help profits
  • Convenient dashboard for order management and tracking
  • Supports a responsive store for mobile devices

What Can Be Improved

  • The customer support team can be limited and have delayed response times
  • You may need to integrate multiple add-ons to get the full functionality you need
  • The interface isn’t the most intuitive and can cause a learning curve

Pricing: Starting at $29 per month
Free Tier: Free if you process at least $500 in orders each month
Difficulty Level: For intermediate users

9. Volusion

The Volusion dropshipping platform has been around for decades now and is known for its advanced shopping cart software and web design platform. 

They have more of a focus on small businesses, supported by their flexible and affordable pricing plans that are reasonable for most brands. 

Volusion continues to make updates to its platform to make it even more user-friendly and simple to use for people who aren’t tech-savvy. It’s simple to customize the site with different themes and logos to fit your branding best and cater to your audience. 

Some of their more advanced features include batch order processing, Amazon and eBay integration, and shipping rate calculators to help dropshippers be successful. 

Dropshipping Integrations

Searching for dropshipping integrations on Volusion, we can see they have a dozen or so different apps to help dropshippers run their businesses. 

Some of the main tools that you can integrate into your site on Volusion include Doba for connecting with wholesale suppliers, eChannelHub, and others.  

What We Liked

  • Higher tier packages include multiple accounts for larger teams to manage sites
  • There is a 0% transaction fee on sales which boosts profitability
  • Intuitive dashboard for relevant marketing, sales, and other data
  • There are many free themes available on Volusion
  • Advanced fields to customize product pages 

What Can Be Improved

  • They filed for Chapter 11 in 2019 following a credit card data breach, which may have harmed their reputation
  • The lowest tier package limits the number of products you can sell per month
  • Advanced e-commerce features exclusive to the higher tiers

Pricing: Starting at $29 per month
Free Tier: Yes, 14 days
Difficulty Level: For beginners

Essential Dropshipping Platform Features

The most important thing to look out for in a dropshipping platform is that it has the proper plugins you need to run your business efficiently. 

Dropshipping Integrations

Each platform has different integrations available, each of which can be very impactful in how efficient your processes are and how much you have to spend on additional third-party apps. 

Integrations can help you access suppliers, quicker, list on multiple channels, and other important features all in one location. 

Fast Customer Support

The best online store for dropshipping will include quick customer support that is readily available. When running a dropshipping store, every second counts. 

So, you need to know that you will get solutions from the platform promptly when you have an issue with the store. 

Ecommerce SEO Support

SEO is a major tool to help your store gain more traffic and in turn, increase sales. SEO can help you gain the eyes of potential customers before your competitors’ stores. 

So, a good platform for dropshipping will include built-in SEO tools to help you optimize your website and rank higher in search engines.

Marketing Tools

You need a dropshipping platform that has adequate marketing tools built-in so you don’t have to find additional apps or plug-ins elsewhere. 

Some of the main marketing tools you should look for are a built-in email marketing tool, pop-up and email collection forms, and others to help boost sales conversions. 

Ease of Use

You are running a dropshipping business because it’s largely hands-off, so you need a platform that is straightforward and easy to use. 

Dropshipping allows you to be nimble and make shifts in your business to adapt to the market, so your platform should support this agility with ease of use. 


Dropshipping platforms should be built to help support your site even as your store grows. Some platforms can only handle a certain amount of order volume with efficiency, which can limit your growth as you move forward. 

Some platforms may have revenue thresholds on their plans and automatically bump you to the higher tier if you make a certain amount of money in a given period. 

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