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What A Niche Is And Why It Is Important

Before even reading this article, I want you to do the following.

Go to Amazon, and search for “self-improvement books and audiobooks.”

Take a second and look at the results for the search.

Did thousands of books, audiobooks, and other materials come up? Why do you think that is?

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Overview Of The Best Payment Solutions For Your Marketplace

a few months ago

For a few years now, marketplaces have been essential in bringing together millions of consumers every day. Among the biggest, you probably have heard of and used the likes of Amazon, Airbnb or Etsy.

Generalists or specialized, these platforms, which favor a direct relationship between buyers and sellers, offer many opportunities to customers, but also to their creators. Attracted by the marketplace model, many companies and startups are embarking on this exciting e-commerce adventure today.

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