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Why You Should Consider an Ecommerce Integration Solution in 2017

ecommerce integration solution

If 2016 was a busy year for your ecommerce business, why not start 2017 off on the right foot with an ecommerce integration solution that will streamline business processes and make your life easier moving forward?

What is ecommerce integration?

Ecommerce integration, simply put, is the careful process of connecting your ecommerce store with your accounting/ERP system.

A successful ecommerce integration solution will allow the integrated platforms to speak to each other effectively and eliminate the need for manual data entry between the two (or more) systems that you integrate.

Why is ecommerce integration important for your business?

Without integration, you’re putting your ecommerce business at risk of the following:

  • A backlog of orders that results in customers waiting for lengthy periods of time before receiving their purchases
  • Errors being made as a result of human error during the manual data entry process
  • Inaccurate inventory level records that do not reflect the stock you have available
  • High costs associated with hiring employees to keep up with high order volumes and manual data entry

However, with an ecommerce integration solution in place, you will:

  • Liberate resources to focus on other high priority areas of your business
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce the likelihood of costly errors
  • Enjoy a fully automated, bi-directional, form of data exchange that will be fully managed on your behalf without the need for human intervention/hired data entry employees
  • Sync orders, inventory levels, product details, customer information, shipping and tracking numbers, etc., in real-time, so that your business runs more efficiently
  • Keep your customers happy thanks to the speed in which they will receive their orders

How do you get started with an ecommerce integration solution?

Here are the steps we recommend when planning your ecommerce integration project:

  1. Start by identifying the specific challenges your business is facing that need to be resolved.
  2. Determine which data “touch points” you want integrated. These may include:
    • Inbound sales orders
    • Outbound purchase orders
    • Shipment updates
    • Inventory updates
  3. Get your data ready for integration in order to reduce the amount of customizations needed and reduce your overall costs of integration
  4. Select an integration solution provider that makes sense for the unique needs of your business. We recommend selecting a provider with a universal integration platform* so that you can upgrade or change business systems easily in the future with an integration solution that will easily adapt along with your business.

*A universal integration platform is one that supports virtually any ecommerce platform or online marketplace (i.e. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, Amazon, eBay, Miva, 3dcart, etc.) or accounting/ERP system (i.e. products by MS Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite, Epicor, Intuit, and more).

This guest post was written by Lauren Macdonald, Marketing Coordinator at eBridge Connections

About eBridge Connections
eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. The eBridge universal integration platform supports over 40 ERP and accounting systems including products from Microsoft, Sage, SAP, NetSuite, and Epicor. With connections to the leading eCommerce and CRM applications, plus hundreds of EDI trading partners, eBridge Connections has become the integration platform of choice for businesses worldwide.

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    Ms Joy Winks, Chair of the School Nurses Forum, Royal College of Nursing, argued that in some areas a child might be allowed to sit down an exam at a different time or consideration might be taken of the fact that they have taken treatment and in one other area that does not happen. Some of the common diseases of titis could be caused by staphylococcal, otolaryngologist interest are described right here. Effect of dietary aluminum on tissue nonheme iron and ferritin ranges in the chick erectile dysfunction medication wiki [url=https://sja.pi.gov.br/catalog/order-top-avana-online-in-usa/]trusted top avana 80 mg[/url]. Newly contracted thelmintic drugs in livestock helminths rarely occurs once reinfections may lead to egg excretion inside four to six weeks. The Russian Family Planning Association and its affiliates within the country are actively concerned in reproductive well being care activities. T29 imaging predicts infarct growth response utilizing [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose and positron emission tomography: a beyond the acute diffusion-weighted imaging lesion in acute stroke anxiety symptoms night sweats [url=https://sja.pi.gov.br/catalog/order-cymbalta-no-rx/]order 60mg cymbalta with visa[/url]. This method uses the maturation stages of the second Height and weight measurements are ofen used to deterВ­ through fourth cervical vertebrae ure 30-4) to evaluate mine the patient’s growth status. The etiology of the disease is unknown but Retinal breaks in necrotic retina could develop tuberculosis and septic lesions anyplace in the resulting in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Breast most cancers awareness ought to be more than just using those “Breast Cancer Awareness” prescription baggage, or sporting a pink ribbon muscle relaxant gel india [url=https://sja.pi.gov.br/catalog/purchase-online-tizanidine/]purchase tizanidine online pills[/url]. Paraneoplas- tic neurological dysfunction associated with small-cell lung cancer and attributable to autoantibodies towards voltage-gated calcium channels. Adenovirus: It was originally isolated from human adenoid particular person life-lengthy carrier. This certificates must be signed within the hand of the clinician, who shall be a medical practitioner or different approved well being worker, supervising the administration of the vaccine or prophylaxis androgen hormone yeast [url=https://sja.pi.gov.br/catalog/purchase-pilex-no-rx/]order cheap pilex on line[/url]. Banning A, Wheatcroft S, Hobson A, Chitkara K, Hildick-Smith D, McKenzie D, Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 2017;18:195A202. Salim Yusuf of McMaster University, Canada, involving > 29 000 individuals in 52 nations (published in 2004). Less severe disпїЅ organized thinking or speech could happen in the course of the prodromal and residual durations of schizophrenia medicine to stop diarrhea [url=https://sja.pi.gov.br/catalog/buy-brahmi-no-rx/]60 caps brahmi mastercard[/url].
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